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Monday, May 30, 2005

Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon OVA

This OVA is the second episode of a four episode OVA series called Pink Noise which was released in 1987. The story begins with a high school student jumps in front of a moving train which resulted in the student's death. Soon after, a transfer student named Shihoudou Hikaru takes the dead student's seat and immediately is confronted with the bully of the school named Gomi Kyosuke. The vice president of the student council, Shiina Yayoi, tries to help Hikaru but almost ends up getting rape by Gomi until a dart pierces his hand. The teacher shortly comes back to the classroom and manages to remove the bullies. Hikaru takes Shiina home where they encountered a gang that tries to hurt them. Hikaru beats up the gang and receives a warning about angering Gomi. The next day, Hikaru and the teacher, Adzumi planned how to stop the recent trends of suicides. Adzumi heads down to some underground bar and fights some possessed punks and loses. Meanwhile, Shiina gets a note from Hikaru to meet him at the school garden but it was a trap. The next part goes on the weird side as she's transported to some weird dimension with a masked guy waiting for her. At this point, a dart destroys Shiina's wine glass. Hikaru appears and reveals the identity of the masked man who was the student council president. The president transforms into this huge demon creature while Hikaru becomes Hikaruon, who has a beam gun that transforms into a sword. Hikaruon defeats the demon and saves Shiina and Adzumi.

It was a nice quick OVA that it just got weird and corny at the end but it was from 1987, I cut it some slack. It tried to deal with issues like rape and suicide which was a rarity during that time. The other three episodes of Pink Noise series are independent from each other. I'll give Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon a 3 out of 5.

Eureka Seven 05

This episode made realized how much I hate the main character of this series. It begins with Renton and Eureka doing some training on the Nirvash but Renton throws up in the cockpit after a few maneuvers. After Eureka's kids makes fun of him, he begins to doubt his love for Eureka with Talho hearing him secretly. She gets Renton to be her slave and makes him go down to some town to carry her bags while shopping. She embrasses him at a lingerie store and gets drunk at a restaurant. She notices a group of punks with their own mechs outside and tells them to lower their music. One of them took a picture of her and she smashes the camera. The main punk want payment of his broken camera in terms of her body. Renton tries to rescue her but gets hit with a golf club. He tries to operate the 606 but crashes into the restaurant. He eventually gets squashed by the two remaining punks. Holland and Eureka come to the rescue of Talho and Renton and managed to take out the three punks.

This series is seriously below average in my opinion. The character designs are bad. The riding on the air with boards but with mechs is boring so far. I don't like any of the character personalities. There isn't a saving grace with this anime so far. Somehow, it gets a 52 episode run. I don't understand the logic behind this.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ah! My Goddess 19

After an OVA series in 1993, The Adventure of the Mini Goddesses in 1998, and a movie in 2000, the Ah! My Goddess series returns to animation form after a five year hitaus. The TV series follows the story of the manga more closely than its OVA counterpart. Keiichi Morisato has a serious drought of good luck. He has no luck with girls, school, and his motorcycle club. That all changes one day when he accidentally calls the Goddess Help Line where a real life goddess named Belldandy appear in his room from a mirror. She allows him to grant one wish which he said that he wants Belldandy to stay with him forever. The wish was granted and thus begins the relationship of Belldandy and Keiichi. Along the way, Belldandy's older sister, Urd and younger sister, Skuld lives with the couple and get into all sort of adventures.

This episode begins with Urd making a love potion to make Keiichi confess his love to Belldandy but she leaves to watch a TV show. Skuld sneaks into Urd's room and sabotages Urd's potion. Unknowing this, Urd tries to give the potion to Keiichi but Belldandy eat it instead. The potion made her more outgoing and easy. The new Belldandy sneaks into Keiichi's room and sleeps next to him. Keiichi was extremely nervous and confused with the new Belldandy as she wanted to do things that would make guys happy. From Urd, the potion effects would last for 24 hours. Keiichi and Belldandy's day consist of shopping clothes/lingerie, sharing drinks, going to the movies, and stopping at a church. Urd and Skuld were following them every step and they almost began a battle at the church as Skuld wanted Belldandy stay away from Keiichi while Urd wanted them together. The episode ended with a confession and a punishment for Skuld.

This is one of my favorite series. I recommanded to everyone except for the people who can't stand romance.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Trinity Blood 4

Trinity Blood is about a priest name Abel Nighthood who fights vampires and other threats to the Vactian in future 1000 years ahead of own. Abel is a little goofy but is good at killing vampires as he's a Crusnik, a vampire that feeds on other vampires. So far each episode has a girl that he must protect like the barmaid in episode 1 and the powerful girl telepath in the second episode. The last episode introduce the female main character, Esther Blanche, who's a sister in a Hungarian church. More detail of the plot can be found in ANN.

Episode 4 continues where the previous episode left off which the Marquis of Hungary, Gyula Kadar captures Abel and Esther. After a little small talk, Gyula offers Esther the chance to kill him with a gun but Abel stops her from picking up the gun. Gyula reveals his vampiric powers and easily subdued Abel and Esther. Gyula dresses up Esther in his dead wife's dress and reveals his plan to destroy Rome for death of his wife with a satellite weapon. His plan does not go exactly as plan when the once thought dead Dietrich appears in holo-form and the weapon hits Istvan instead. Dietrich reveals that he works for Rozen Kreuz and wants to start a war between the Vactian and the Empire. He gives the code to stop the weapon to Esther before he faded away. Esther tries to stop the weapon but Gyula stills want his revenge and tries to kill her. Meanwhile, Abel is rescued by Tres, the gunslinging cyborg, and races to rescue Esther from Gyula. Abel uses his scythe made from his blood and chops off Gyula's arm and leg. Afterwards, Abel manages to use Dietrich's code to blow up the satellite. Gyula dies in Esther's arm and gains some peace as he sees Esther as his wife. The episodes with Esther going with Abel to Rome.

Trinity Blood reminds of Hellsing but with more a complex power struggle. Abel's Crusnik moments are just bad-ass while the goofiness off-set his Crusnik side. Esther's role in all of this has potential especially when she meets up with Dietrich. It's pretty and the action scenes are great. I like the OP and love the ED songs.

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS 1

Finally, I get to make a blog entry from the first episode instead of some random point. This series is not exactly new as it's from 1995. It starts out with a transfer of a new student named Nozomu Kanou which the elistist Miyuki Kuwano is all over with. The introduction is interruptted with Moriya Ririka bumping into Nozomu. Kuwano wanted Ririka punish her actions but Nozomu didn't only mind but want to know her name. Ririka became awe-strucked with Nozomu. Nozomu and Ririka later met alone which Nozomu gave her a birthday present. She was suprised by this as he just transferred. He told her not to open the present until she was alone. At this point in the episode, a suit of armor suddenly came to life and took control of the minds of the fencing team. The living suit of armor confronts Ririka and tries to steal the birthday present. She managed to get back the present from the armor by ripping the wrapping of the present. The present was revealed to be a small jewelery box. She was surrounded by the armor and the fencing team when her friend, Seiya saves her but eventually gets thrown around by the knight. Ririka falls into the school pool and Seiya thought all hope was lost. Suddenly, a beam of light comes out of the pool and comes out Ririka. A voice tells her to transform into Nurse Angel Ririka. The newly empowered Ririka defeats the suit of armor with ease. Seiya thinks that Nozomu has something to do with the defeat of the suit of armor and the episode ends.

This show is magical girl anime in the realm of Sailor Moon and CardCaptorSakura. I may just keep blogging it just because it seems that fansub groups have been releasing old-school series. There will be a couple more series like this in the future.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai 6

Gokujou Seitokai is about a girl named Randou Rino who has no family except for a puppet named Puu-chan. She comes to Miyagami Academy (an on the advice of her penpal but she has no place to stay after the apartment she was supposed to stay in was burned down. She eventually accepted into the Gokujou Seitokai (The Best Student Council) of the Academy as their secretary and thus get to live in the dorms. Rino is a scatterbrain girl who has a puppet that has a different personality from her. The various council have their personality quirks like Izumi Karoi who reminds of Kaorin of Azumanga Daioh, the money pincher accounter, and lovely president who loves Randou Rino.

This episode deals with Puu-chan as he was taken away by the Assault part of the council for badmouthing them. They thought Rino was doing a dummy act with the Puu-chan but that wasn't the case. Puu-chan escapes from his cage and wrote on the wall that he will get his revenge. He gets three of the Assault members with the marker and tries to get the head of Assault. The head captures Puu-chan and finds out it was another member of the council was controlling Puu-chan. It turns out that Puu-chan has a mind of its own. He tries to fake his own death but everything turn out ok.

I'm not sure about this series as Randou Rino seems to have some mysterious qualities along with the President of the Gokujou Seitokai but they have not been address yet along with the story. I hope it will pick up in the future. This is another series I may not blog until it gets better.

Ichigo 100% 8

Ichigo 100% is about a middle school student named Manaka Junpei who wants to become a filmmaker but has a problem. He has to choose between four girls. There's Aya Toujou who's beautiful, smart, and writes a novel on the side. Tsukasa Nishino, a smart beautiful blond who fell in love with Manaka with his pullup confession. Yui Minamoto, Manaka's childhood friend and Satsuki Kitaouji, a tall and rash girl. The episodes revolve around Manaka getting into situtions with the four girls and trying to decide which girl he should get his love.

Episode 8 has Junpei and Yui going to the temple at New Year's for praying of Yui's entrance exam of Oumi Academy. They meet up with Aya at the temple which lead to Aya becoming Yui's tutor. Aya comes to Junpei's house to tutor Yui which Junpei and Aya have a nice romantic moment before Yui interruptted them. The latter part of the episode involve hide and seek with Yui and the movie club. Everyone was found excepted for Yui who had a hiding spot on a roof. Junpei show real concern of Yui's well being because it was snowing and she allowed snow to fall on her. The episode ended with Yui going back home for school and Junpei getting a beating for allowing Yui to sleep in his bed.

From what I hear about the manga, it's much better than the anime. I want Junpei to end with Aya the most.