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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Suzuka 4

It's PE testing day at school. Yamato has been at the top in PE tests except for one event which he doesn't mention yet. He and Hattori meet up with Suzuka and Sakurai and do the vertical jump test. Hattori mentions that Yamato was the number one athlete in junior high to Suzuka. Yamato jumps to 72.5 cm which beats his personal record but Suzuka and Hattori both jump to 84 cm. Suzuka would expect that Yamato would be good at athletics since the high school they attend is sports-centered. Yamato talks about how he did bad in a relay race for a city tournament. He was the anchor of the race and got destroyed by everyone. Yamato is up against a person who got in the school from his short-distance skills in the 50 m test. Yamato setups his blocks side by side which is unusual for most runners to do. Usually a runner would have their blocks with their strong leg behind the weaker leg. Yamato thought that kicking off with both legs would make him run faster but Suzuka and Hattori call him an idiot for that. Yamato got off a great start which even impresses Suzuka and beats the other guy in 5.93 seconds. Hattori knew that Yamato would do great from the pranks they did as children. The reason why Yamato did so bad in the relay race was because of the other three teammates ahead of him. Yamato asks Suzuka's comments about his race and she gave him an indifferent comment. Even at dinner, she couldn't give Yamato a positive comment about his speed.

The next day, Ayano tells Suzuka that it's going to rain later today which Suzuka has an umbrella with her. Ayano tries to Yamato the same thing but he was too busy catching up to Suzuka. Yamato talks to Hattori about Suzuka's attitude which Hattori tells him that she's in love with Yamato. During class, Suzuka was daydreaming and even looking at Yamato at times while Yamato ponders the advice of Hattori. Yamato wanted to ask Suzuka if he could share her umbrella but she got away to weight lifting with the team instead. Sakurai asks Yamato if he wanted to share her umbrella but Hattori drags her away leaving Yamato with no umbrella to go back home. He decides to wait for Suzuka to finish with training but he gets bored and starts to talk to himself about how to ask Suzuka for umbrella. After being called a stalker, he decided to go home but Suzuka was about to leave as well. They both shared an umbrella and walk back home. After awkward small talk, a car goes by them and splashed water on Suzuka which made her to embrace Yamato. After she realizes what she did, she walks away from Yamato while he just stands in the rain.

The Yamato-Suzuka relationship has taken some major steps forward but Suzuka is rather scared and confused with her feelings with Yamato and the guy in the picture. Sakurai wasn't as much of a trouble in this episode compared to the previous episode. Hattori is still guiding Yamato to Suzuka by giving him advice or taking out Sakurai from the picture. Also, it seems that Yamato has some speed to him eventhough he thought he was bad at running. The next episode deals with a blackout with Yamato and Suzuka get a possible romantic moment.

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Law of Ueki 15

Don uses 50% of his power to try defeat Ueki but Ueki easily dodges his attack. Don gets mad and uses his full power to transform his ring into an actual rocket ship. Ueki uses his 4-star power, Yugadokuson to easily defeat Don. Yugadokuson is a giant mouth trap that comes up from the ground and traps anyone with its powerful jaw. Becky witness the battle and tells the remaining Robert's Ten about Ueki's victory. Marco the cook wants to defeat Ueki for insulting his cooking earlier when Ueki pour his bowl on Alesshio's head. Reiko Jerad tells Robert about Don's defeat and Marco is heading out to deal with Ueki. Reiko is concerned about Alesshio and Don's safety from Marco's power but Robert doesn't care about them since they lost their powers. He tells her that she's the only one that he could trust which removes her doubt to him. Reiko loves Robert but it's one-sided. Ueki notices magma all around him as Marco tries to draw Ueki out. Ueki uses his Kurogane to let Marco know where he was and to prevent him from burning anymore trees. Marco meets up with Ueki and uses his power to transform tomatos into magma. Ueki tries to attack Marco but was attacked from behind by Reiko's power of transforming beads into bombs. She remembers the time when she first met Robert and pull her out from the darkness. Ueki is unable to deal with Marco and Reiko at the same time and is hanging on from a steep slope with a tree he created. Marco's powers threatens Don and Alesshio as they're on the slope as the magma surrounds the both of them.

Marco doesn't care about Don and Alesshio as they are worthless to him and uses his power to try kill Ueki. Ueki uses his power to create a barricade to protect himself along with Don and Alesshio from the magma. Marco wants Reiko to destroy the barricade but she has doubts about doing it. He uses his power to destroy the barricade from above. Reiko has a flashback where she was used by other people for her money. She truly had no real friends since they used her for her money. When she decided to not spend as much money, she was deem worthless to her so-called friends and thrown away. The barricade was partially destroyed and magma headed towards Alesshio and Don. Ueki risks his life to save them and was attacked from behind by Reiko. She believes that Ueki saved them in order to save himself but Ueki tells her that it isn't about friend or enemy when someone is asking for help. She can't believe that Ueki wouldn't think of himself. Marco tries to spray magma on Ueki, Alesshio, and Don when Reiko uses her powers to disperse the magma. She gets injured in the attack and Ueki carries all three of them on his back while walking on magma. Marco tries to guilt trip Reiko into attacking Ueki which she tries to do. Marco tries to do a sneak attack on Ueki but Ueki attacks Marco with the Kurogane. He knew that she wouldn't attack him because he believes in her. Marco tries to finish off Ueki with his Igunia Block attack but Ueki defeats Marco with Yugadokuson. Reiko asks Ueki why she wasn't going to attack and answers with that we are friends.

Reiko has now saw the light and becomes Ueki's latest ally. Also, two of Robert's Ten are defeated which only leaves 4 members left. There's still one member of Robert's Ten that hasn't been revealed yet. The next episode will reveal another ability from Tenko with Becky, Oni, and Tarou going to use their powers against Ueki and Reiko.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bleach 42

Reiji speaks with his soul slayer's avatar, Zabimaru while recovering from his wounds. Zabimaru has two heads: an gorilla one and a snake that acts a tail. It has recovered from being shattered by Ichigo in the previous battle and wants to fight him again. Reiji tells it that Ichigo isn't his enemy but someone else is. Yoruichi gets a full introduction from Byakuya as former Supreme Commander of the Secret Mobile Corps, Corps Commander of the 1st Squad, the Correction Corps Shihouin Yoruichi. She's been gone from Soul Society for about a century. Ichigo thought she was here to help him but she gave him a powerful anesthetic into his stomach. He collasped afterwards and Yoruichi tries to run away from Byakuya with flash step. At first, Byakuya seem to got the upper hand on her in the flash step battle but she's known as the God of Flash. She told Byakuya three days to make Ichigo stronger than him. After she leaves, Byakuya leaves Ukitate to Rukia and the others. Ukitate summons Sentarou and Kiyone to deal with Rukia along the injured Ganju. Hantarou questions Ukitate's motives which he replied with that he needs info on Aizen's killer and tried to rescue Rukia from her cell.

Meanwhile, Orihime and Ishida are disguised as Shinigami and one of the other Shinigami was trying to flirt with Orihime. Ishida reminds that Shinigami about his duties and gets called away on business. It was Orihime's idea to disguise themselves as Shinigami which she took out two Shinigami without any spirit power. After a funny scene on dressing into their disguise, they continue to head to Rukia's cell where they were being spied by the 12th squad captain. Yoruichi took Ichigo back to the previous hiding spot and Ichigo woke up later in the night. He grabs Yoruichi for what she did earlier. She counters that he couldn't defeat Byakuya with his current power and couldn't take anyone else with her with her flash step. She takes him to a place that Ichigo has trained similarly in with Urahara. She explains that Ichigo's soul slayer is a full-time released soul slayer and it could be released again. Each soul slayer has two stages of release: shikai (beginning release) and bankai (complete release). One of the requirements to becoming captain is being able to release both stages. Every captain except for Kenpachi has able to achieve bankai. The difference in power between the two stages is about five to ten times greater and normally it would take ten years of training to attain bankai. Yoruichi has a way to attain bankai within three days.

The episode conclude the battle on the bridge with Yoruichi escaping with Ichigo so he could train to achieve his bankai. Ishida and Orihime are currently disguise as Shinigami and making their to Rukia's cell but the 12th captain is on their trail. The next episode will be primarily Ishida and Orihime with the possiblitiy of Ichigo's training might be shown.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Shuffle 3

It's another day of Tsuyu which the rainy season of Japan during the second half of June as Rin and the others talk about the rain. Rin thinks the rain is depressing but Shia thinks otherwise. He kind of remembers a time that he was with a girl in the rain with an umbrella. Then they talked about the upcoming summer which Midoriba mentions Rin should bring Primula. Rin counters with a punch to Midoriba's gut. Rin, Mayumi, and Shia are fearing the upcoming exams. Shia's father asks Rin about summer school for Shia. He worries that he won't spent time with Shia during the summer and begins to plan to take out the school before Shia hits him with a chair. Kaede tells Shia's father that she can fail up to three subjects without going to summer school. Shia is worried about passing her English and two history classes. Rin is worry about Shia when Asa and Kareha talked to him. Rin asks Kareha about Shia which he finds that she isn't good at studying. Shia usually uses translation magic to help her convey her thoughts to people directly which is telepathy. She master Japanese because of Rin. Mayumi and Shia are having a tough time with their studies while Midoriba is at the top of the class eventhough he has his dirty thoughts of girls.

Rin comes over to Shia's house to help her study for the exams. They have a blush moment before Shia mentions how they first met eight years ago. She asks Rin if he remembers the story which he lies and said yes before continuing studying. Rin and the others finished their exams and plan to celebrate before encountering the combined defense forces. Rin runs for his life to get away from there. He was about to leave the school when he saw Shia waiting for the rain to die down. Rin and Shia walked back home with an umbrella that Rin had. Shia tells Rin about what happen eight years ago when it suddenly rained and they didn't have an umbrella. Rin found an umbrella in a trash can that had an hole in it. She tells him that it was his kindness was the reason for liking him.

This episode was a Shia episode. It expressed more of her personality and past with Rin. The next episode will focus on Nerine and her troubles with cooking.

Update Time

I have recently updated the categories to include the recent summer shows along with reorganization of each section for a nice alphabetical feel to it. I added a new section for articles like the Summer 2005 Overview which I have updated for Pani Poni Dash!. Check it out to see where I ranked the show compared to the others. At some time during today or tonight, expect a post of Shuffle 3 to show up on the blog. That's it until next site update.

Pani Poni Dash

Pani Poni Dash 1

The anime starts out with a parody of the Planets of the Apes with the Statue of Liberty as the main character, Rebecca Miyamoto. She's half Japanese, half American and graduated from MIT. She wants to become a high school teacher and she's only 11. A bunch of aliens is interested studying Rebecca for some reason. The next scene introduces Rebecca's class: Miyako Uehara, Kurumi Momose, Rei Tachibana, Sayaka Suzuki, Himeko Katagiri, and Ichijo-san. Himeko tells them that their homeroom teacher just **** quit. Another teacher tells them that their homeroom teacher quit because of something related to porn. He tells them about the new teacher, Rebecca which he shows them a picture it has black ribbons on it which means she died but hasn't. The students realized that she's foreign and tiny. Meanwhile Rebecca overslept and waiting for the bus with her rabbit friend, Mesousa. The class has a self-study session and talk about Rebecca. Rebecca and Mesousa arrive at the ocean by accident. The class tries to come up with a nickname to call Rebecca when she arrives at class. Rebecca and Mesousa are now in a forest with a vending machine in the middle of it. She soon encounters an envoy from Momotsuki Academy which will take her there. They arrived at the school and enters her classroom. The students called her Becky.

Rebecca has second questions about her job on the spot. The students began to ask lots of questions to Rebecca but she gets overwhelmed by them. She shouts at them to get them in line and then flicks them off. Rei hits Rebecca on the head and then starts talking about how the class should respect etiquette eventhough she hit Rebecca. Rebecca was hiding behind the curtain being afraid of Rei. Rei asks Rebecca what university she graduated from which she said MIT but Rei wanted to know what the initials mean. Rebecca tries to say Massachusetts but she couldn't while Rei drew a man and a woman farting on the chalkboard. She goes back to the curtain after the class laugh at her. Ichijo tries to offer food for Rebecca but it was poisoned and Rebecca runs away. Rebecca laids on the roof just thinking while the class tries to figure out what to do. The class thinks that she is going to quit but she doesn't. She doesn't want to be treated like a kid anymore and drinks a can of beer. Mesousa eats Ichijo's food and falls unconscious from it. After the ending credits, a giant beast like robot comes up from the school.

Basically, this show is about the life of a 11 year old high school teacher. Her class is filled with all sorts of characters like Himeko who says omega cute and Ichijo the class rep who has weird thoughts. There's a teacher who dresses up as a magical girl as well. This anime is weird but it's not as crazy compared to Excel Saga. I find it kind of funny that any character not important is shaded differently from the main characters. I'm not sure how this anime will go but it could burn itself out very early if it's not careful.

Gundam Seed Destiny 40

Shinn has nightmares about the recent incidents with Stellar, Kira, Athrun, and Meyrin. Rey reassures Shinn he made the right decision and should have been the one to shot Athrun and Meyrin. Shinn, Rey, and Lunamaria receive medals for their performance during the Heaven Base battle. Also, Shinn and Rey are promoted to the ranks of Faith. Talia has some misgivings about the recent promotions of Shinn and Rey along with the shooting down of Athrun and Meyrin. ZAFT has located Djibril within ORB. Kisaka told Cagalli about Djibril being within the Sarans along with ZAFT already being deployed to ORB. Dullindal has declared that Djibril should handed over to him immediately while ORB is beyond forgiveness for harboring him. Also, the Minerva is also being sent out to ORB to be part of the vanguard. Dullindal fears ORB's military power and mass driver if Djibril gets into space. Meanwhile, ORB's military forces aren't even being deployed against the ZAFT threat. The Archangel is still about 2 days away from being battle ready. Djibril begins to plan his counterattack against Dullindal with Unato Ema. Jona gives ZAFT a reply that Djibril isn't within ORB and that they must withdraw from ORB waters. Dullindal orders to start Operation Fury which is to capture Djibril and the current ORB government.

ORB hasn't begun to deploy mobile suits or evacuating civilians yet. The Archangel wants to join the fight but the engines aren't fully repaired yet. Jona enters ORB command wondering why his plan didn't work. The military officer told him that they didn't believe him at all. He finally orders the military to be deploy. Cagalli orders the deployment of the Murasume squad along with the Sky Grasper piloted by her. Murrue tells her that flying the Sky Grasper would be suicide but Cagalli runs out of the bridge to bump into Kisaka and Erica. Kisaka told her to come with him to give her father's last words. Her father gave Cagalli a golden mobile suit called the Akatsuki. He saved the mobile suit in case of the day when she needs the power to protect ORB. Cagalli broke into tears when she heard her father's words once again. Cagalli launches in the Akatsuki along with the Murasume squad. ORB's defense lines are failing and Jona is unable to reorganize the defense line. Cagalli heads towards the ORB's military headquarters and tells Jona to recognize her as the true leader of ORB. He does and gets arrested a few seconds later for treason against ORB. ORB is able to reorganize the defense lines but Shinn heads out to the front in Destiny. He wants to take down ORB for all the misfortune it cause in his life. Cagalli takes on Shinn to protect ORB from him.

I have to give props for Cagalli for truly coming back to her original self. I truly love the moment when she received the Akatsuki as her father's final gift to her. Also, Talia is having more doubt about following Dullindal's path and Shinn is somewhat regreting some of his past actions. I hoping that Talia will reject the dark side but she may go like Natalie did in Seed. The next episode will continue the battle of Cagalli and Shinn while Archangel returns to battle along with Kira and Athrun in his new mobile suit from the Eternal.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 12-13

A dive team explores the sunken ruins of the Mayans and found a feather incase with amber. The Aquarion team examines the encased feather which carbon dating dates at 12,000 years. The feather could have the power to change the state of the war. The Elements were taking a day off and having an enjoyable time in town. Jun and Tsugumi were hanging out, Lihua and Pierre were hanging out as well but Pierre fell into a sewer, and Silvia and Sirius were shopping which Silvia was looking for a birthday present for Sirius. She picked a thing that was used to detract fleas from women's dresses in the 18th century and a statue while Apollo tried to attack Sirius. The Aquarion team works on removing the amber surrounding the feather which allows the Shadow Angels to know about the feather. The Shadow Angels wants the feather before the Aquarion team could touch the feather because of the info contain within it and sends Toma to get it back. During extraction of the feather, Sirius and Rena began to act strange from the feather effects. The commander decides that no one can touch the feather without getting a serious punishment. Silvia is worried about Sirius's behavior and Apollo decides that he wants to touch the feather if it has info to save Baron.

Toma takes the body of Baron for his upcoming mission. Silvia and Apollo sneaks into the room where the feather is being kept. After entering the room, Apollo touchs the feather and suddenly goes into pain which slashes appear on his back. Silvia touches the slashes and they entered a dream world where they began to remember their past lives as Apollonius and Siren.
Apollonius was an angel of destruction that fell in love with a human named Siren. This union was forbidden by the Shadow Angels which they captured Apollonius and was about to be killed when Siren tried to save him. Tomo was about to kill Siren when Apollonius saved her and soon after, Apollonius and Siren fought together against the Shadow Angels. Silvia and Apollo were embracing each other when the enemy alarm went off. Apollo, Silvia, and Pierre fought the Toma-controlled Kelbim as Solar Aquarion but it wasn't going so well. Toma appeared to Apollo through his cockpit.

The next episode continues the battle of Solar Aquarion vs. Toma-controlled Kelbim. Toma takes the Aquarion into the sky and talks about the good old days. Then the Kelbim forces the Aquarion against the barrier until Aquarion command allows Solar go through it. Toma shows Apollo that he has Baron. Apollo tries to rescue Baron but he can't go through the barrier and to make things worse, the cage that traps Baron is set to explode on impact. Silvia tries to stop Apollo from breaking the barrier but Pierre understands Apollo's desire. Solar Aquarion broke through the barrier and managed to get Baron but the victory was short-lived as both Baron and the barrier were destroyed. Most of the Aquarion team hated Apollo's decision to save his friend but the commander supported his decision. The Kelbim pins Solar Aquarion's arms to a rock face but Aquarion rips off its arms to become free with Luna part becoming the new arms of Aquarion.

Toma leaves the Kelbim to retrieve the feather while Otoha fights Aquarion. After fighting the Kelbim for a bit, Apollo and Silvia head after Toma leaving Aquarion defenseless. The commander sends out Lihua and Tsugumi to replace Luna and Solar Vectors. Apollo encounters Toma in the room where the feather was being kept and becomes entrapped within vines. Siruis tries to fight Toma with his soul sword but was defeated along with Silvia. Apollo was able to free himself from the vines but unable to touch Toma. He offer Apollo to revive Baron for the lives of Sirius and Silvia. Toma reveals the true nature of Sirius and Silvia and Apollo refuses Toma's offer to revive Baron. Toma starts choking Apollo for his refusal. Lihua, Tsugumi, and Pierre formed into Soluna Aquarion and managed to destroy the Kelbim with Fire Exploding Blast along with the feather. Toma and Otoha escaped with their lives which Otoha realized that it was Toma who sent the feather down to Earth. Sirius will kill Apollo if he reveals the true nature of him and Silvia. Apollo returns the statue that Silvia brought earlier and didn't care if what Silvia really was. Apollo runs off to mourn for Baron's life.

These two episodes finally got the main plot going with more about the past along with some secrets revealed. I really enjoy these last three episodes and hoped it will continue in the future. The next episode will continue the story of Apollonius and Siren.

Yakitate Japan 34

Kawachii realizes that France knew about the rules ahead of time and Kuro-yan confirms his suspension. Only the Management Board of the Mocacco Cup knew about the rules and didn't want France to lose in the premins. Subawara obtained about 300 coins but there were only 34 unique ingredients. He needs to make a bread that will have all 34 ingredients in it. Edward from the French team makes his bread, the Kouglof au Miel. Subawara tells his story about what happened to him after being defeated by Azuma and drew to Kawachii. His master told him to steal techinques and become Lupan. Subawara is making Lupan #3 which is Pain d'epice Kai to counter Edward's Kouglof au Miel.

Meanwhile back in Japan, the Manager explains the Pain d'epice to Tsukino which uses spices like curry does. Edward continues to taunt Subawara while making his bread. Pierrot begins judging the other countries' bread while some of the other countries could continue making their bread. Kawachii wants to help Subawara but Azuma tells him to have faith in him. Pierrot disqualifies the Russian team for adding cocoa for the sake of adding it while he gives France a perfect score without even eating it since he ate it last year. Subawara finishes his bread and Pierrot has a flashback of the past. This flashback details the time shortly after learning the cloning techinque where he encountered a girl who recognized him without the makeup named Kimura Megumi. He fell in love with her and wanted her to go to America with him along with the circus group. She doesn't go with him and gives him a gift before he left to America. The gift was a Ebisu figurine which is the god of good fortune and fishermen. Pierrot asks the question "Nande Ebisu" or "Why is it an Ebisu?" which becomes Pain d'epice. He gives the bread a perfect score eventhough he wanted to give Subawara 7 points for it. Pierrot gives him the Ebisu figurine and tells Edward about how he made the bread which he crushed every ingredient to create a nice flavor to it. Pierrot tells Subawara that he should use a mixer next time instead of crushing each ingredient with his hands which Subawara became depressed afterwords.

The episode left out a small part in the manga which Pierrot initially disqualifies Subawara because he didn't noticed any apples in it at first but he soon did. It would have been funny if it was in there but oh well. The premin rounds are now over and it's obvious that Japan will go to the final rounds where they faced 15 other countries for first place. There will be more shady dealings going on as the tournament continues to move forth. I think the next episode will just setup for the first round of the finals which will take out 8 other teams. I doubt there will be much breadmaking in this episode.