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Friday, July 22, 2005

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge 1

Two women in armored suits chased after an underwear thief and use extreme force to take care of him. They called themselves allies of justice: Love Pheromone. The pink suit girl name is Yoshizumi Ayumi and the blue suit girl is Sashima Kaoruko. They have a bad comedy act on the side when not fighting evil as allies of justice. No one laughs at their jokes and only their manager, Useki thinks they are great. Ayumi and Kaoruko are sponsored by the Galactic Allied Police. They only do the allies of justice thing to get their comedy name out there. Ayumi has a fetish for big boob girls and small girls while Kaoruko has fetishs with small boys under the age of 10. They noticed that a bank is being held hostage. They set out to the bank with their robot which they need to transformed their house and neighborhood to launch the thing. Soon Ayumi and Kaoruko transformed into their armored suits which the police runs away because they value their lives. They didn't care that they had a hostage and proceeded to destroy the bank and the surrounding area. The total amount of damage is worth at least 1 trillion yen and the entire year damage that they caused is worth more than Japan's national budget.

The second half of the episode deals with 5 children who all are girls. Their parents were henchmen that died 5 years ago. They noticed a bottle that said don't open until they were 18. One of them opens the bottle and a fairy named Akunoko comes out. Akunoko tells the Hokuke daughters that they have magical powers and that she will unlock their magical powers. A newscast about a rainstorm appears and Akunoko decides that they will commit their first act of evil. She gives them Transformation Rod of Evil so that they become the Gedou Otome Tai which means "Unmarried Women of Unbelievers Squad". They transformed into witch costumes. Akunoko wants them to make the rainstorm into a typhoon. So the Gedou Otome Tai goes to one of the shelters and "tries" to commit an evil act. Their combined elemental powers of earth, fire, water, wood, and light created a stew for everyone in the shelter. On their way back, they saw a bunch of shooting stars which amazed them.

The show is split up into two parts: Love Pheromone and the Gedou Otome Tai. Its basically a parody of superhero shows with Love Pheromone are heroes but destroys everything while the Gedou Otome Tai are evil but helps out people instead. It's an interesting show. It's not meant to be serious and it's extremely funny. I'm watching more of this series but not blogging it.


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