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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Amaenaide Yo! 1

A group of training nuns and a sole monk named Satonaka Ikko tries to purify a house from ghosts. The monk was reciting a sutra when an elderly ghost and a real nasty one appeared. One of the nuns named Nanbu Chitose notices them and moves Ikko out of the way. Ikko can't see the ghosts while the three nuns can. Ikunia Sumi gets the elderly ghost out of the way while Atouda Yuuko fights the other ghost. Yuuko's attempt fails and with no time to call for backup, she undresses Chitose so Ikko could look at her. Suddenly, a blue light engulfs the house. The next scene has Ikko being lectured by the head nun named Kawahaci Jyoutoku (Baa-chan) for using his overdrive. She's also Ikko's grandmother. Ikko was sent to the temple by his parents so they could get rid of him. Chitose, Sumi, and Yuuko were dressing in the locker room when Ikko entered the room to get them for dinner. Well, Ikko was beat up for his efforts since he saw Chitose nearly naked. During dinner, the rest of the nuns were making fun of Ikko with him in the room. Then Ikko and Chitose got into an argument which Baa-chan interruptted them. She decides to leave start-up (doll memorial service) to them and the sutra to Ikko since she's going away on business. Meanwhile, a mysterious samurai spies on them from a nearby rooftop.

Ikko and Chitose were looking at the dolls and talked about how you can tell how the dolls were important to the previous owners. Baa-chan meets the mysterious samurai at a ice-cream palour which she orders a huge ice-cream sundae. The others began to burn the dolls with Ikko reciting the sutra. During the rutial, a Victorian-like doll floated into the air. The nuns evacuated the custumors while they tried to deal with the doll. Yuuko tries to grab the doll but she got kicked by the doll for her efforts. Ikko determines that the sutra didn't work since it was foreign made. Then the Victorian doll controls the other dolls to attack Ikko and the other nuns. Chitose realized that there was only one way to defeat the doll. She took off her clothes so Ikko could "come". Somehow when Ikko sees naked breast, he's able to become super monk and managed to excise all the spirits from the dolls. Afterwards, Ikko and Chitose fight with each other since Ikko tried to glomp Chitose.

I discovered something about my own limits from watching this episode. I can deal with a girl becoming your right hand but an ecchi priest show. I actually felt ashamed from watching this episode. You don't mix ecchi with religion. It's just wrong. As for the actual animation itself, it's not that great. The colors were muted throughout. The characters aren't very interesting at all. I won't be watching anymore of this. I would burn out my eyes at that point if I watched episode 2.

P.S. I don't really mind ecchi but it's the priest theme with ecchi that made me draw a line.


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