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Monday, July 18, 2005

Bleach 40

The battle between Ichigo and Kenpachi ended in a double knockout with Kenpachi's soul slayer being broken into two. Yachiru thanks Ichigo for allowing Kenpachi having fun for such a long time and takes Kenpachi away. Ganju and Hanatarou continue their way to the tower while Rukia wonders who die in the battle and saying that her life isn't worth dying for. Yoruichi arrives at Ichigo's fallen body and helps him. The next scene is a flashback of Yachiru and Kenpachi from long ago. They were sole survivors in a battle and Yachiru who was a baby wasn't afraid of Kenpachi. Kenpachi wakes up and talks about the day where he gave Yachiru a name. Her name means eight thousand flows and it was the one person that Kenpachi wish to be like. Kenpachi didn't really have name either so the Kenpachi name is given to the strongest Shinigami. He asks his soul slayer for its name but couldn't. Yachiru and Kenpachi's last names come from the districts they resided in. Kenpachi falls unconscious once again. Ganju and Hanatarou managed to Rukia's cell and opens it. Ganju finds an unexpected truth about Rukia. She remembers Ganju as well. While in the cell, they detect a strong spirit force heading their way. Meanwhile the 13th captain finally learns about Aizen's death and prepares to take action. The strong spirit force that Ganju and Hanatarou is Kuchiki Byakuya. Hanatarou initially tries to hold off Byakuya so Rukia and Ganju could escaped but Ganju takes over instead.

This episode gives some backstory of Yachiru and Kenpachi along with Rukia and Ganju. Of course, I want you guys to watch the episode for Rukia and Ganju. The next episode will be very fun because it has one of my favorite scenes in the entire manga. There might be a rematch between Ichigo and Byukuya in the episode as well.


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