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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bleach 42

Reiji speaks with his soul slayer's avatar, Zabimaru while recovering from his wounds. Zabimaru has two heads: an gorilla one and a snake that acts a tail. It has recovered from being shattered by Ichigo in the previous battle and wants to fight him again. Reiji tells it that Ichigo isn't his enemy but someone else is. Yoruichi gets a full introduction from Byakuya as former Supreme Commander of the Secret Mobile Corps, Corps Commander of the 1st Squad, the Correction Corps Shihouin Yoruichi. She's been gone from Soul Society for about a century. Ichigo thought she was here to help him but she gave him a powerful anesthetic into his stomach. He collasped afterwards and Yoruichi tries to run away from Byakuya with flash step. At first, Byakuya seem to got the upper hand on her in the flash step battle but she's known as the God of Flash. She told Byakuya three days to make Ichigo stronger than him. After she leaves, Byakuya leaves Ukitate to Rukia and the others. Ukitate summons Sentarou and Kiyone to deal with Rukia along the injured Ganju. Hantarou questions Ukitate's motives which he replied with that he needs info on Aizen's killer and tried to rescue Rukia from her cell.

Meanwhile, Orihime and Ishida are disguised as Shinigami and one of the other Shinigami was trying to flirt with Orihime. Ishida reminds that Shinigami about his duties and gets called away on business. It was Orihime's idea to disguise themselves as Shinigami which she took out two Shinigami without any spirit power. After a funny scene on dressing into their disguise, they continue to head to Rukia's cell where they were being spied by the 12th squad captain. Yoruichi took Ichigo back to the previous hiding spot and Ichigo woke up later in the night. He grabs Yoruichi for what she did earlier. She counters that he couldn't defeat Byakuya with his current power and couldn't take anyone else with her with her flash step. She takes him to a place that Ichigo has trained similarly in with Urahara. She explains that Ichigo's soul slayer is a full-time released soul slayer and it could be released again. Each soul slayer has two stages of release: shikai (beginning release) and bankai (complete release). One of the requirements to becoming captain is being able to release both stages. Every captain except for Kenpachi has able to achieve bankai. The difference in power between the two stages is about five to ten times greater and normally it would take ten years of training to attain bankai. Yoruichi has a way to attain bankai within three days.

The episode conclude the battle on the bridge with Yoruichi escaping with Ichigo so he could train to achieve his bankai. Ishida and Orihime are currently disguise as Shinigami and making their to Rukia's cell but the 12th captain is on their trail. The next episode will be primarily Ishida and Orihime with the possiblitiy of Ichigo's training might be shown.


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