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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 1

The Balic government is fighting rebel forces in Taboi City. The government captured 100 patients from various medical facilities and was about to shoot at them when the Urzu team touch down. Captain Malice escaped from the battle and knows that the AS team is from Mithril which is a secret mercenary force that put out political conflicts. Uruz team managed to take out the enemy and rescue the refugees. A cloaked chopper was shot down with an anti-ECS missile. Mithril's forces can't leave now without being shot down by anti-aircraft fire. Sousuke heads to where the missiles are being fire at while Mao and Kruz protects the remaining choppers. Sousuke takes out the anti-aircraft missiles and Mithril withdraws from the area except for Sousuke. He gets surrounded by the enemy and eventually runs out of ammo. Two missiles were about to hit him when he used the Lambda Drive to protect himself. Sousuke manages to withdraw with the help of the Mithril sub. Sousuke does his homework on Japanese history at the sub. Kaname was mad about Sousuke forgetting her notes at the sub. Captain Theresa Testarossa is briefed about the anti-ECS missile which only one nation makes use of the missile. The missile was probably made by a powerful independant organization which foresaw Mithril's involvement in the conflict. They could destroy Mithril's existance.

This episode was alot of action. For people who haven't saw the first season of FMP, they would be confused since they don't give any flashbacks to the previous season except for the mentioning of the Seajack Incidient which the Mithril Sub was hijacked at the end of the first season of FMP. FMP is a weird thing. Some people love the first season but hated the second season and vice versa. The Second Raid is more akin to the first season. Only Kaname got a small appearance in the episode. I really hoped that they covered more about the Whispered in this season since they never truly uncover the true purpose of them. The next episode will have some new characters along with more scenes of Kaname and should add more to the overall story of the third season of FMP. It's possible to have too much action and really hoped that they balanced it.


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