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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 2

Kaname wakes up and looks outside to notice a light blinding her from afar. Mithril briefs some soliders about the power of the Lambda Drive which renders almost all weapons useless by using the power of imagination. Sousuke's ability to use the Lambda Drive is limited. It only activates if the person is in a life or death situation. The enemy could freely use it due to drugs or training that allows them to create the illusion of life or death situations. At this time, Mithril won't be adding the Lambda Drive to other AS machines. Without the Lambda Drive to fight against other Lambda Drives, winning without one is nearly impossible without losing many soliders. Theresa receives a report about the current situation on protecting Kaname from the enemy. Kyouko wanted to show Kaname something on her cell phone when it went dead along with various labtops, phones, and PA system. Everyone was looking at something at the roof when Kaname realized the source of the problems. Sousuke installed an air defense radar on the roof which interferes with most electronic equipment. After a whack by Kaname, Sousuke deactivated the radar. Kazama shows Sousuke a forum with pictures of Kaname taken without her knowledge. Sousuke want to tell Kaname about the pictures but Kazama stopped him since it would make things worse. Meanwhile in Hong Knog, a person named Sensei is recovering under the care of two hitwomen. Sousuke tries to find the culprit of the pictures but his methods are a little over the top. He searches the girls' locker room only to set off the sprinkler system.

A mysterious person looks over the previous battlefield and figures out how the battle went from looking at the damage cause. After Sousuke and Kaname get yelled at by the teacher, Kazama reveals the photos to Kaname. The mysterious person meets with Captain Malice for his money but Malice refuses to pay him. The mysterious man kills Malice and orders the rest of his men to kill the remaining Malice supporters. Sousuke found the camera which the pictures were being taken and traced the source over to the next classroom. The culprit runs away from Sousuke and Kaname. Back to the stadium, the mysterious man was disappointed on how to collect the money that he shot one of his soldiers for insulting his intelligence. The culprit threatens to send an embrassing picture of Kaname if they don't stand down. The guy is mad at Kaname for her winning the class elections. Sousuke activates the radar to short out all electronic systems in the system. The two girls get a call from another mysterious person in white hair telling them to keep a low profile. Sousuke continues to question the guy about the pictures but he doesn't know anything else. Kaname is unease by the guy who took pictures of her this morning.

I like this episode better than the first episode. It setup the plot and the new villians better. The guy with the balding orange hair is brillantly nuts. I think I have a pretty good idea for who the two girls Sensei is. I was suprised with the near nakedness of the two girls which shows that this season won't be like the previous and more like the first season but a little bit darker. The next episode won't be focus on comedy that much and have some action in it.


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