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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Futakoi Alternative 8

Rentarou, Sara, and Soujyu had a meal together with awkward silence. The next scene shows Rentarou alone with the phone ringing non-stop. He goes to a department store to buy a gift. When he comes to back to the office, he notices a person next to the door. He invites the person into the office and the person introduces himself as Mitsugi Kimihiko, the sisters' guardian. Mitsugi drives Rentarou to where the sisters truly lived which a giant mansion. In a flashback, Mitsugi tells Rentarou about the sisters. Their parents died in an accident and his father took them in. Then his father died and he became the guardian to the sisters. During his time as guardian, he has failed to make a bond with them. He thanks Rentarou for allowing them to become their true selves. He has to marry one of them on their 16th birthday or loses his position as head of the Mitsugi family.

Rentarou meets up with the sisters at the bus stop. He gives them a suprise birthday party for them. He asks them about alot of personal questions until he asks them what he can do for them. Sara said, "Make love to us". Rentarou couldn't give an answer to them. The sisters leave towards the bus stop while Rentarou realizes what he has done and tries to catch up to the twins. While the sisters were waiting at the bus stop, Sara decides to leave her sister behind. The end of the episode had the three characters all alone wondering about the future.

This episode explains why the sisters kept disappearing and their true reason for being with Rentarou. All three characters had their flaws. Rentarou for his inability to act until it's too late while the sisters couldn't trust Rentarou with their past and current problems. This series has some really complex characters which could be me or you given the chance. I couldn't give this episode much justice since it's better you guys to watch it instead having me to explain it to you. The next episode title is Futakoi.


  • At 2:32 AM, Anonymous washi said…

    Nice entry!

    I take it you enjoyed it then. If the episodes all had the same quality that the past few had had it would be among my favourite series, but, as it stands it is still one of my favourite current ones.

    It's got a good sense of pacing and character developement.


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