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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gun X Sword 1

A man named Van who wears a black swallowtail suit walks into a church looking for food. Instead of finding food, he finds three armed men just shot a girl named Wendy along with three men. The robbers want Van to hand them his valuables but instead Van beats them up and uses his sword that can be flexible as a whip. Wendy who shaking with a gun in her hand thanks Van for saving her. Van falls unconscious a second later and is transported by Wendy for some food. The major of the town tells the story of the Wild Bunch who came into town two months ago. They want the bank which to accomplish their goal, they burned down the police station and destroy outside communication. During storytime, Van was adding every type of sauce on his dinner. Storytime got interrupted when the Wild Bunch arrived near the mall. Their leader is called Lucky the Roulette. This guy abuses the word 'Lucky' too much. I just want to kill him myself at the end of the episode for just that reason alone. He decides to blow up a nearby building as a preview of tomorrow's attack which he's going to bring his armor. The mayor asks Van to help them out but he refuses. Van goes to the Wild Bunch hideout for some milk but Lucky shoots the pitcher. They play a game which they draw cards until one of them gets the Joker which determines the winner of the game. They draw until they reached the end of the deck where Van draws the Joker. He gets kicked out of the hideout for his efforts but Lucky finds out that Van picked up two cards instead of one.

Wendy tries to get Van to help them but he doesn't want to at this time. She decides that she wants to be Van's bride to get him to stay. He tries to convince Wendy to leave town but she can't leave since she wants to wait for her brother. Lucky shoots Van and left him for dead but Van was able to remove the bullet out through regeneration. The Wild Bunch attack the town with Lucky's Armor which is a giant mecha. Wendy tries to shoot Lucky but ends up getting captured by him. Van shows up and fights the Wild Bunch off. Lucky enters into his armor and begins to shoot at everything. Van summons his own armor, Dann to fight Lucky's armor. Van easily destroys Lucky's armor. Van and Wendy asks for the location of her brother from Lucky. He said that he took him to a guy with claws on his right hand. Van gets extremely angry when he heard about the guy with claws on his right hand but Wendy tells him to stop. Now Wendy and Van head off to find the guy with claws on his right hand and her brother.

This series was pre-licensed by Geneon with good reason. It reminds me of Trigun but less desert. It establishes the two main characters of Van and Wendy with the villian being some guy with claws on his right hand. The overall animation is pretty good with the CG being intergrated very well. It has potential to be interesting but I hoped that it doesn't have villians like Lucky in this episode. No one should ever abuse a word like that. As for blogging this series, I said that I'm won't be adding anymore series at this time until next season. The next episode will introduce a character called Carmen and along with the bad guy who has a freaky mustache.


  • At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Washi said…

    LUCKY! Yeah, that was a very cruel way to treat the word. I found it quite amusing, and the idea behind the character's obsession with chance was an interesting one.

    Not sure I'll blog it though.


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