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Monday, July 11, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 38

The combined ZAFT/EAF Alliance is making their final checks for the assault while Logos is preparing to attack the Alliance. Meanwhile, Lunamaria thinks that Logos made Meryin and Athrun to betray ZAFT and Shinn gives a good cry on Lunamaria before the battle. Instead of waiting at the deadline, Logos decides to attack now with a massive missile barrage at the naval battleships of the Alliance. Athrun wakes up in the Archangel medical bay seeing Kira. Logos had five Destroy Gundams with the lead one being piloted by Sting who I thought he died during the initial Destroy Gundam battle. They managed to take out a good part of the naval fleet.

ZAFT begins to send down mobile suits from space but Logos had a suprise waiting for them. They destroyed them with the Nibelung weapon which they took from ZAFT which they use to stop the nuclear attack on PLANT earlier in the series. At this point Destiny, Legend, and Impulse now being piloted by Lunamaria were launched into battle. Meanwhile, the current leader of ORB watching the battle on TV mentioned that the Alliance has a base on the moon. Kira talks to the weakened Athrun saying that Meyrin is alright and better shape than he is. Athrun tries to explain his reasons to coming here which he managed to get out that he wanted to see Kira and Cagalli but passed out before expaining even more. The Gundam trio managed to take out all five Destroy units and the Alliance managed to capture Heaven's Base but Djibril had an escape plan.

Most of the episode was a huge battle between Logos and the Alliance. Athrun and Meyrin proceed to recover from their injuries while the Archangel is still preparing for its next move. The whole Shinn and Lunamaria relationship is just messed up. Lunamaria should not be all happy with him. I want to see some anger from her. I'm just angry with her character now. She gets no respect from me now. I think Djibril is going to head to space to begin his final plan to destroy all Coorindators. The next episode will be the return of the Eternal and possibly the new Freedom unit as well. A new OP and ED have been introduced in this episode. The TV version of the OP has part of the chorus at the beginning before starting with the first set of non-repeating lines. I hate the chorus of the song. The ED on the other hand is very good. It's what I expected from See-Saw. I glad with the ED overall.

I will grade the OPs and EDs of the series in another post which give all my views on the songs. If I really feel like it, I might compared them with the Gundam Seed OPs and EDs as well.


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