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Monday, July 18, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 39

One of Lacus's subordinates, Dacosta went to go the derelict L4 colony Mendel to search it but there was a Zaft recon suit nearby. Waldfeld tells Lacus that Heaven's Base has fallen and asks why Orb will be next. Lacus tells him that Orb has strong power and ideals which serves as an obstacle to Dullindal's goals which is a new world order that encompasses Earth and Plant. The Zaft forces found out that Djibril escaped from Heaven's Base and left the remaining Logos members to be captured. The repairs on the Archangel aren't fully completed. Cagalli talks to still injured Athrun. She mentions that Meyrin has a fever but doing fine. Miriallia was able to talk to her a little bit. Cagalli tells Athrun that Meyrin will taken care of and not to worry about her. They talked about what they did in the past and their reasoning for doing those things. Cagalli wonders if it's truly is Logos' fault but Athrun knows it isn't. Dacosta returns to the Eternal with information on Dullindal's Destiny plan. A small quote from it: "People do not live for the sake of the world. Wherever people live, that place is the world." Before they could go into more of the plan, Zaft forces closed in on the Eternal. Lacus orders the ship to launch in order to protect the factory and give the Archangel the data on the Destiny plan along with two new suits.

The Eternal heads towards the Earth while Kira is immediately knows about the Eternal launching. Three Zaft ships chased after the Eternal and launch their mobile suits. Neo contacts the bridge to relay Athrun's message which was telling Kira to go protect Lacus. Murrue tells Neo that he remembered the com code to the bridge while Athrun thanks him as Major Fllaga. Neo tells him that he's Colonel Neo Lorrnoke. Kira heads to the Eternal with the modified Strike Rouge with a booster that can send him to space. Waldfeld heads out to fight in his own version of Gaia. Kira helps out Waldfeld and the Eternal before Waldfeld tells him to board the Eternal to claim his new suit. Lacus and Kira reunited before he boarded his new suit, Strike Freedom. With the new suit, Kira was able to disable all enemy mobile suits and ships.

This episode introduces Kira's new mobile suit, Strike Freedom. It's like Freedom but it has Funnels which are small mobile beam weapons. UC Gundam fans would remembered them. Dullindal's hidden agenda is becoming more clearer with the revealation of the Destiny Plan. The Doms from the new opening sequence will fight for the Eternal. It looks like Kira will stay in space for awhile unless he comes down with the Destiny data along with Athrun's new suit. The next episode looks like Zaft will attack Orb with Shinn and Cagalli meeting again with a new gold mobile suit called Akatsuki.


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