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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 40

Shinn has nightmares about the recent incidents with Stellar, Kira, Athrun, and Meyrin. Rey reassures Shinn he made the right decision and should have been the one to shot Athrun and Meyrin. Shinn, Rey, and Lunamaria receive medals for their performance during the Heaven Base battle. Also, Shinn and Rey are promoted to the ranks of Faith. Talia has some misgivings about the recent promotions of Shinn and Rey along with the shooting down of Athrun and Meyrin. ZAFT has located Djibril within ORB. Kisaka told Cagalli about Djibril being within the Sarans along with ZAFT already being deployed to ORB. Dullindal has declared that Djibril should handed over to him immediately while ORB is beyond forgiveness for harboring him. Also, the Minerva is also being sent out to ORB to be part of the vanguard. Dullindal fears ORB's military power and mass driver if Djibril gets into space. Meanwhile, ORB's military forces aren't even being deployed against the ZAFT threat. The Archangel is still about 2 days away from being battle ready. Djibril begins to plan his counterattack against Dullindal with Unato Ema. Jona gives ZAFT a reply that Djibril isn't within ORB and that they must withdraw from ORB waters. Dullindal orders to start Operation Fury which is to capture Djibril and the current ORB government.

ORB hasn't begun to deploy mobile suits or evacuating civilians yet. The Archangel wants to join the fight but the engines aren't fully repaired yet. Jona enters ORB command wondering why his plan didn't work. The military officer told him that they didn't believe him at all. He finally orders the military to be deploy. Cagalli orders the deployment of the Murasume squad along with the Sky Grasper piloted by her. Murrue tells her that flying the Sky Grasper would be suicide but Cagalli runs out of the bridge to bump into Kisaka and Erica. Kisaka told her to come with him to give her father's last words. Her father gave Cagalli a golden mobile suit called the Akatsuki. He saved the mobile suit in case of the day when she needs the power to protect ORB. Cagalli broke into tears when she heard her father's words once again. Cagalli launches in the Akatsuki along with the Murasume squad. ORB's defense lines are failing and Jona is unable to reorganize the defense line. Cagalli heads towards the ORB's military headquarters and tells Jona to recognize her as the true leader of ORB. He does and gets arrested a few seconds later for treason against ORB. ORB is able to reorganize the defense lines but Shinn heads out to the front in Destiny. He wants to take down ORB for all the misfortune it cause in his life. Cagalli takes on Shinn to protect ORB from him.

I have to give props for Cagalli for truly coming back to her original self. I truly love the moment when she received the Akatsuki as her father's final gift to her. Also, Talia is having more doubt about following Dullindal's path and Shinn is somewhat regreting some of his past actions. I hoping that Talia will reject the dark side but she may go like Natalie did in Seed. The next episode will continue the battle of Cagalli and Shinn while Archangel returns to battle along with Kira and Athrun in his new mobile suit from the Eternal.


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