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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ichigo Mashimaro 1

Itou Nobue looks like a 16 year old student but is actually 20 years old. She's a heavy smoker who needs to buy some cigarettes. So, she goes to her 12 year old younger sister Chika for some money. Then, their neighbor, Matsuoka Miu who's also 12 enters Chika's room from the rooftop. She went to the room because she's bored. Nobue was trying to remember why she came into Chika's room when Sakuragi Matsuri rang the doorbell. She's 11 years old and a grade below Chika and Miu. She came over to get happier from her dad eating the pudding. Nobue promised her that she would buy pudding but Miu wanted some as well. Miu gets laid out for her efforts. Nobue leaves the room and then remembers the reason for coming to the room in the first place. She comes back to room to find Miu and Matsuri wrestling around. Nobue asks Chika for money but she only gives 100 yen to her. Nobue puts Miu into the trash can and asks them what tomorrow was before heading out to work. Miu wanted to copy Chika's homework but she refuses. So instead, they go out and play outside. They tried to remember what was important on tomorrow which Miu realizes it was Nobue's birthday tomorrow.

Since don't have any money to buy her a present, so they decided to make her an ashtray along with birthday cards. They begin to make her ashtray but Miu decides that she's hungry. So they have dinner and try to begin work on the ashtray but Matsuri begins to fall asleep. Miu puts a sign saying don't sleep but she decides to go to bed. They continued work on the ashtray with them falling asleep at multiple times. They whacked each other if they fall asleep (Miu gets hit the most) and try to drink coffee and suck on ice to stay awake. Nobue comes back home and raids the fridge. She notices Chika's door was open and sees all of them asleep along with the ashtray and birthday cards. Nobue writes something on Chika's face for the fat remark on the card. Chika, Matsuri, and Miu quickly head to school while Chika still has the marker on her face which says runaway child.

The episode introduces the characters very well but there's not much of a plot to it. It has Azumanga Daioh written all over it with the character designs and lack of plot. It's not much as outrageous as Azumanga but it has a charm all of its own. I'm not blogging this series for the same reason from what I gave earlier in other posts. The next episode will have the final main character introduced in the series.


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