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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kamichu 3

Yurie is missing her pet cat, Tama. At school, Matsuri uses Yurie as a wish giver and photo op for students. Most of the wishes involve money problems which they felt a concern about. So they asked for Yashima's advice which he arrives on a bird and enters into Mitsue's body. Yashima tells them that a poverty god is coming into the area and been causing problems for everyone. To counter the threat, Yashima and Yurie began to make charms to protect businesses while Mitsue and Matsuri look for four leaf clovers. Yashima suggests that Yurie should join the God's Assoication to help her better delgate wish-making. Yurie remembers the time when she first got Tama. The next day, they distributed the various charms around to everyone and buildings. While Yurie taking a bath, she noticed that power went out across the island. Various bad things began to plague the people as businesses were forced to close.

Yurie and the others were trying to find the poverty god by finding the greatest source of misfortune. They didn't have to go far to find the greatest source since it was nearby the temple. They found Yurie's cat, Tama but it was possessed by the poverty god. Matsuri decides to shoot at Tama which runs away from her. Shortly after a chase, Yurie talks to the poverty god and Tama on a rooftop. She wants the god remove from Tama but the cat says otherwise. The god save Tama from drowning in the river. The poverty god was about to leave but Yurie grabs it and uses her god powers to balance out its bad luck which restores everything back to normal. Now the poverty god lives inside of Tama and is happy now.

Another nice episode of Kamichu. The things learned in this episode is the God's Association and Tama has the poverty god inside of it. The next episode brings a bento with three spirits to visit Yurie.


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