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Monday, July 11, 2005

Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken 1

This anime occurs during the Meiji Restoration where humans and youkai peacefully live together. The youkai are regulated by the government and have seals on their power. The story starts out with a youkai ghost cat name Nekomaru getting his license with its human companion named Ryuunosuke waiting for it. Nekomaru runs off and begins to eat many desserts which either of them don't have money for. Ryu hears a noise in the background and the waitress tells them it could be the Kidou Shinsengumi or The New Mobile Select Squad. They keep track of the townspeople and capturing unlicensed youkai. A member of the Shinsengumi named Kondou Yuuko confronts a small frog youkai which she decides to allow the frog to get a license but she gets blasted from behind. The people who attacked her are called by Tsubame Squad which protects youkai and led by Saotome Miki who has the most annoying laugh. Anyway, Yuuko and Miki debate and insult each other while the frog tries to sneak away. Miki has one of her henchmen attack Yuuko with a cannon. Yuuko manages to cut two of the shots but the sword becomes broken afterwards. Ryu helps out the frog by lying to the Tsubame Squad about where the frog ran off to. Yuuko sees Ryu with the frog but only gives them a warning.

Another member of the Shinsengumi named Fujika Tashie tests out a bazooka but it shoots out a doll that does Calligraphy. The weapons developer, Gendai gives the member bullets that killed Merciful Buddah. She notices Yuuko walking around as she was trying to avoid Oryou from getting mad at her. Oryou was not her normal self though when meeting with Yuuko. Yuuko decides to take a bath with Okita who has the ability to make four familiars with paper and touches her breasts. Okita beats up Yuuko for doing so. Nekomaru peeps into the bath when Yuuko was in it. Yuuko chases after it but quickly gets away. Oryou's son is arriving at the Shinsengumi today. The Tsubame Squad tells the frog leader in a lie that the Shinsengumi has one of its members.

Nekomaru and Ryu arrived at the Shinsengumi complex eating the meal set out for the members. Before Ryu could explain himself, the frog leader comes into Kyoto looking for its members. The Shinsengumi begin their attack on the leader but their efforts end up in a losing effort. Yuuko's sword was a fake. Okita's paper familiars were taken out when they slowed the descent of Yuuko. The bullets that took Buddah were fake as well. Ryu and Neko showed up along with the frog from earlier. A huge tree began to fall on the frog when Ryu pushed out of the way and got smashed under it. Neko gave Ryu something in order to survive from the fall. The frog leader leaves with the other frog while Oryou hugs her son, Ryu.

The whole youkai peacefully living with humans thing seems to be interesting but the rest of the series is not. This episode remind me of the first episode of Sakura Taisen so much except that the main character is a guy this time not a girl. The Shinsengumi are supposed to be the police in Kyoto but they are ill-equipped and easily duped by cheap equipment. The animation quality was sub-standard to me. I'm not going to blog this series but I'll watch a couple more episodes to see if it's gets any better.


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