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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pani Poni Dash 1

The anime starts out with a parody of the Planets of the Apes with the Statue of Liberty as the main character, Rebecca Miyamoto. She's half Japanese, half American and graduated from MIT. She wants to become a high school teacher and she's only 11. A bunch of aliens is interested studying Rebecca for some reason. The next scene introduces Rebecca's class: Miyako Uehara, Kurumi Momose, Rei Tachibana, Sayaka Suzuki, Himeko Katagiri, and Ichijo-san. Himeko tells them that their homeroom teacher just **** quit. Another teacher tells them that their homeroom teacher quit because of something related to porn. He tells them about the new teacher, Rebecca which he shows them a picture it has black ribbons on it which means she died but hasn't. The students realized that she's foreign and tiny. Meanwhile Rebecca overslept and waiting for the bus with her rabbit friend, Mesousa. The class has a self-study session and talk about Rebecca. Rebecca and Mesousa arrive at the ocean by accident. The class tries to come up with a nickname to call Rebecca when she arrives at class. Rebecca and Mesousa are now in a forest with a vending machine in the middle of it. She soon encounters an envoy from Momotsuki Academy which will take her there. They arrived at the school and enters her classroom. The students called her Becky.

Rebecca has second questions about her job on the spot. The students began to ask lots of questions to Rebecca but she gets overwhelmed by them. She shouts at them to get them in line and then flicks them off. Rei hits Rebecca on the head and then starts talking about how the class should respect etiquette eventhough she hit Rebecca. Rebecca was hiding behind the curtain being afraid of Rei. Rei asks Rebecca what university she graduated from which she said MIT but Rei wanted to know what the initials mean. Rebecca tries to say Massachusetts but she couldn't while Rei drew a man and a woman farting on the chalkboard. She goes back to the curtain after the class laugh at her. Ichijo tries to offer food for Rebecca but it was poisoned and Rebecca runs away. Rebecca laids on the roof just thinking while the class tries to figure out what to do. The class thinks that she is going to quit but she doesn't. She doesn't want to be treated like a kid anymore and drinks a can of beer. Mesousa eats Ichijo's food and falls unconscious from it. After the ending credits, a giant beast like robot comes up from the school.

Basically, this show is about the life of a 11 year old high school teacher. Her class is filled with all sorts of characters like Himeko who says omega cute and Ichijo the class rep who has weird thoughts. There's a teacher who dresses up as a magical girl as well. This anime is weird but it's not as crazy compared to Excel Saga. I find it kind of funny that any character not important is shaded differently from the main characters. I'm not sure how this anime will go but it could burn itself out very early if it's not careful.


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