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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Shuffle 1

A boy named Tsuchimi Rin lives with his childhood friend, Fuyou Kaede for eight years now due to an accident that caused the death of his parents and her mother. They noticed that the houses next to him have moved recently. Along their way to school, they encountered Magnamu Sakai who's a part of the demon bodyguard Kito Kito, Kaede. He has a bat with nails sticking out at the end and tries to attack Rin but Kaede saying that her body and soul belongs to Rin puts a damper on his fighting spirit. Once they got to school, Asa proceeds to embrass Rin. While opening the classroom door, Rin gets glomped by Midoriba Itsuki who wants Kaede but gets Rin instead. A girl named Mayumi tells Rin, Kaede, and Midoriba about two new transfer students which they coming tomorrow. The teacher tells about an event that happen ten years ago. The passageway Kaimon opened the gate Shinkai (God) and Makai (Satan) which allow the people of both worlds to immigrate to the human world. Rin' daydreaming during class almost got him into trouble with the teacher but she has some things to talk about to Rin. She asks Rin if he met kids from other dimensions while he was a kid. He said he couldn't recall anything but the teacher seems was trying to figure out something but couldn't.

Asa and Kareha take Kaede for some cooking lessons leaving Rin to go home by himself. Mayumi tells the entire class that the transfer students are super hot girls, one from Shin, and one from Ma. All the guys are excited about the transfer students coming in tomorrow. Rin does some shopping and helps out a Shin girl picking out some meat. After the exchange, the girl knew Rin's name but he didn't think anything of it. Along his way home, he encounters a Ma girl singing a beautiful tune. They talked for a minute before departing ways and again, she knew Rin's name without him mentioning it. The next day, most of the boys were ready to meet the new transfer students but two men ruined their excitement. The two men walked up to Rin and begin talking about him until a Shin girl hits him with a chair. Rin recognizes the students from yesterday. The Shin girl's name is Lisianthus or Shia for short. The Ma girl's name is Nerine or Rin for short. They are princesses of their respective lands. Rin was chosen to be either the husband of Shia or Nerine and he gets the power of Shin or Ma depending on which girl he chooses to marry. Everyone is shocked by this including Rin. To make things even more interesting, Shia and Nerine surrounded Rin's house. So they are neighbors with Rin and Kaede in the middle.

Some things in the prologue were different from this episode but most of the prologue material was in the first episode except for Primeria which is actually in the next episode. The animation and character designs are absolutely beautiful. Rin is not the norm for this type of series which is a good thing. The rest of the characters are enjoyable to watch as well. The one of the mysteries in the series so far is how Shia and Nerine knows about Rin but he can't remember even meeting them until yesterday. I would say it would have to do something with the accident but it doesn't matchup with the opening of the gate. The next episode will have the introduction of Primeria and the first day of Rin with Shia and Nerine as neighbors.


  • At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Washi said…

    I also watched this episode. Yes, the animation and character designs were excellent, and, aside from the terrible music, there's nothing really wrong with it, but I didn't enjoy it enough to keep up. There was not enough going on for my liking. This kind of series would do well to include some fanservice.

  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I'm not sure if I mention this earlier in the Prologue post or not but it's based off a H-game. So it might have fanservice later on but it could go in the way of Kanon and Air for h-games turned anime that didn't have any fanservice. I don't necessary agree that you need fanservice to make a series better.


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