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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Shuffle 3

It's another day of Tsuyu which the rainy season of Japan during the second half of June as Rin and the others talk about the rain. Rin thinks the rain is depressing but Shia thinks otherwise. He kind of remembers a time that he was with a girl in the rain with an umbrella. Then they talked about the upcoming summer which Midoriba mentions Rin should bring Primula. Rin counters with a punch to Midoriba's gut. Rin, Mayumi, and Shia are fearing the upcoming exams. Shia's father asks Rin about summer school for Shia. He worries that he won't spent time with Shia during the summer and begins to plan to take out the school before Shia hits him with a chair. Kaede tells Shia's father that she can fail up to three subjects without going to summer school. Shia is worried about passing her English and two history classes. Rin is worry about Shia when Asa and Kareha talked to him. Rin asks Kareha about Shia which he finds that she isn't good at studying. Shia usually uses translation magic to help her convey her thoughts to people directly which is telepathy. She master Japanese because of Rin. Mayumi and Shia are having a tough time with their studies while Midoriba is at the top of the class eventhough he has his dirty thoughts of girls.

Rin comes over to Shia's house to help her study for the exams. They have a blush moment before Shia mentions how they first met eight years ago. She asks Rin if he remembers the story which he lies and said yes before continuing studying. Rin and the others finished their exams and plan to celebrate before encountering the combined defense forces. Rin runs for his life to get away from there. He was about to leave the school when he saw Shia waiting for the rain to die down. Rin and Shia walked back home with an umbrella that Rin had. Shia tells Rin about what happen eight years ago when it suddenly rained and they didn't have an umbrella. Rin found an umbrella in a trash can that had an hole in it. She tells him that it was his kindness was the reason for liking him.

This episode was a Shia episode. It expressed more of her personality and past with Rin. The next episode will focus on Nerine and her troubles with cooking.


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