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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 11

Lihua visits Glen in the hospital which he gets worse suddenly. She blames her misfortune for his condition getting worse. A bus full of children were suddenly engulfed by a huge wave of water. Lihua was doing tarot cards in a gazebo when she drew the tower card which meant that a fated parting will take place soon. It rains soon after that and Silva blames Lihua's misfortune for it. She meets a black cat and the Commander on the way back which he tells her some advice. Silvia truly believes that Lihua is bad luck. Lihua comes back to her room and her computer is soaking wet. Jun thinks he fixes Lihua's computer but it causes a power surge. Then the monitor lights up which a bunch of ghost children appear out of nowhere. Lihua decides to Aquarion and leaves a note telling them not to look for her. Apollo encounters Lihua at a train station while hunting for food. Lihua blames for misfortune for his inability to get anything. Apollo deduced that her smell cause all the animals to run away. Lihua is all alone on the train and has a flashback about her time with Glen. Aquarion command detects the enemy at Lake Rosslig and launches Sirius, Silvia, and Apollo to the lake. It was supposed to be Lihua instead of Apollo but they found the note she left.

Lihua's train suddenly stopped near the lake. Lihua exits the train and notices the Vectors heading towards the lake. She blames her misfortune once again for Aquarion's appearance. They tried to unite into Aquarion Mars but failed. The Vectors were knocked into the water and the pilots began to experience strange things like being cold or unable to move. Lihua tries to run away from them so they won't be caught by his misfortune. Apollo notices Lihua and tries to convince her to accept her misfortune. She enters Vector Mars and breaks the spell of the lake on the others. They found the missing children which they are still alive. The lake is trying to escape with the vectors. They united into Aquarion Mars with an intense feeling of pain. They discovered a new attack called Unlucky Bottom Attack which destroys the lake monster. They saved the children and Sirius from the monster. Lihua and Sirius were taking flowers to Glen only to find him being transfer to the New UN Forces Medical Center. Lihua's tarot card prediction came true.

This was primary a Lihua episode which she deals with misfortune and accepts it. This was one of the better episodes so far in Aquarion. I think Glen will come back in some new invention by the UN when Aquarion is getting beat down at some point. The next episode will have flashbacks to the past along with a new Kelbim to fight against Aquarion.


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