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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Speed Grapher 12

The episode begins with a flashback with the first meeting of Shinsen and the President of the Tennouzu group. The President takes Shinsen to a doctor to smooth out the edges of her body. Shinsen was taking the President outside where she remembered the day when Shinsen went to the hot springs to her lover. The President was driving in the snow where she got into an accident (and presumely her current condition). Kagura managed to convince a researcher to let her outside by promises of touching her. She finds an axe and threatens to kill herself if the researcher doesn't help her escape. Meanwhile, Suitengu and Shinsen are preparing to sign the marriage document but Suitengu is interruptted with news of Kagura's escape and doesn't want her at the mansion. The spider Euphoria guy shows up at Ginza's place trying to kill Saiga but she hid him somewhere. She managed to fight the guy off but he left a spider on her before leaving. The two guys that Suitengu helped in the last episode were hunting down a tiger in a sewer while talking poltics.

Kagura arrives at the mansion and finds a secret passage after avoiding detection by Suitengu's goons. Shinsen is having second thoughts about marriage and decides that she needs a witness. She heads to where the President was being kept and finds Kagura and the goons there. Shinsen tears up the contract and decides to have Kagura and Suitengu play Russian Roulette. Nose woman takes the gun and tries to kill Shinsen but it was empty. Shinsen decides to have everyone killed in the room with her army of maid women with submachine guns. Suitengu uses his powers to kill all the maids and the lawyer. Then he used his power to kill the president and strangled Shinsen. Kagura tells Shinsen that her father did come for her after she left the hot springs 15 years ago. Suitengu is going to marry Kagura to gain control of the Tennouzu group.

This episode shows Shinsen wasn't exactly the person she appeared to be except for Kagura. She was so heartbroken for what her actions did to the president and how her lover never showed up. Suitengu's agenda is becoming more clearer while Ginza hides Saiga somewhere. Saiga didn't make an appearance in this episode. Also, there's a real OP sequence now instead of having an OP sequence based on episode clips. The next episode is seems to be a Ginza episode with a little bit of Kagura and Suitengu in it.


  • At 4:33 AM, Anonymous washi said…

    I'm not sure whether you agree, but to me it seems as though the show was very much reinvigorated. The OP is fantastic, and the animation wasn't as bad as usual. Even with that aside it was probably my favourite episode yet. Hopefully it doesn't start going downhill again.

  • At 4:46 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I would like Saiga to have at least some face time in the episode like where Ginza has hidden him for instance. I'm not a fan of main characters not appearing in the episode at all like episode 6 of Trinity Blood. Saiga is getting screwed on the face time and Kagura is getting all the attention.

    Also, a new ED will be played in the next episode. I don't like the first ED that much so maybe the next one will be better.

  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous washi said…

    I don't really mind taking the occasional break from a main character, especially if it's a long series and there are many other interesting characters to develope. His absence in this episode of SG didn't really bother me, but Abel's in TB 6 did, mainly because a lot of the show's charisma comes from his character.

    In SG we have people like Suitengu and Ginza, who can easily make up for a temporaty absence of Saiga, at least in my opinion.


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