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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Speed Grapher 14

Saiga sents Ginza to the hospital before taking Ran's car along with the wedding invitiation and visits an old friend. Meanwhile, a brother is asking the head priest about the funds for rebuilding their church. The priest begins a rant about electricity is the power of God and how he gained it. The priest grabs the brother and a bolt of lightning hits the church which transfers to the priest and brother. The church burns down with the priest still alive. Saiga visits Bob for help getting Kagura back. Bob questions Saiga's reason for wanting to save Kagura and he said that he want her to be free with the time she has left. Saiga phones his editor about the wedding which he mentions that something is going to happen. The Japanese Diet all agreed that they would naturalize the club in order to use public money to pay for the club fees and all become special members. Suitengu visits Kagura which she looks lifeless before the wedding and mentions that they both have the same factor. He sends his secretary to send the documents to the proper authorities. Ginza wakes up with her subordinate next to her. She knows that Saiga will be at the wedding and heads to the church.

Tsujidou aka Nose Sniffer investigates the battle site between Saiga and Ran. The wedding of Kagura and Suitengu begins with the electricity-powered priest directing the wedding. Ginza arrives at the church meeting with Saiga's editor. Just before Kagura could swear to Suitengu, Ran interrupts the wedding. Suitengu realizes it was Saiga but Saiga points his camera upward which gets the media involved. Saiga rips off his disguise to reveal many cameras strapped to himself. Suitengu was about to use his powers on Saiga when he blows up the front wall of the church which allows the media to see inside of the church. The guests begin to leave fearing for their lives as Saiga and Suitengu begin to battle each other. Saiga escapes with Kagura while Suitengu answers questions to the media. The wedding maybe be a disaster but Suitengu's secretary gave the documents to the marriage office. The electric priest begins to attack Saiga for ruining the wedding of the goddess. Saiga and Kagura escapes from the priest with the help of Bob in a chopper. The priest attacks the chopper causing Kagura to fall into the water with Saiga jumping off to be with her.

I was right about Saiga crashing the wedding. Now there's a new Euphoria monster who's a priest who has the power of lightning. The episode shows how the power of the club has over the government. Eventhough the wedding was crashed, Suitengu did get what he want as he and Kagura are married and controls the Tennouzu group. The next episode will have Saiga and Kagura in a foggy forest with Tsujidou and the other henchmen after them.


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