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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Summer 2005 Anime Season

Disclaimer: At this time, not all shows from this season have not been watched by me. This feature will be changed to reflect those shows that might be watched in the future. I will let you know with a post when the feature is updated.

The following feature will ranked all the summer shows from the bottom to the top. At this time Sugar^2 Rune have not been watched at this time and will not be in the feature. While Da Capo Second Season will not in the feature period since I have not watched the first season and feel that I can't give it a grade as a seperate show. Let's start the rankings from 15 to 1.

15. Amaenaide Yo! - This show is priestess ecchi for the most part. The characters and story in the show are rather bland and boring for the most part. It's the worst show of the season.

14. Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken - A rather average show about a group of trained women fighting demons in the Meiji Era. The animation of the show along with the characters are average at best. The demon and human peaceful relations is rather unique but not enough to make the show great.

13. Play Ball - A sports anime that has an identity crisis. You think it's baseball but it might be soccer. Who knows because I don't that's for sure. Also, the old-school character designs may put off some people and also, it's a sports anime. I would think that most anime fans would stay away from sports to the best of their ability.

12. Okusama wa Joshikosei - A show about the life of a high school girl married to her high school physics teacher. The characters are somewhat interesting but the subject matter keeps it rank any higher.

11. Okusama wa Mahou Shojou - A show about a grown woman who's a magical girl married to some unknown guy. There are some interesting subplots in this series but the focus will be probably be fanservice mostly.

10. Pani Poni Dash! - A show about the life of a 11 year old high school teacher who has some weird students to deal with. It starts weird and kinda of stay about that level. This weirdness isn't haha funny or WTF kind but more like what's going on kind which why I ranked this show pretty low.

9. Gun X Sword - A typical action show that has a cool sword weapon along with mecha. The characters have potential and the animation is top north. It reminds too much of Trigun which lowers the rank on it.

8. Petopeto-san - It's about a girl named Hatoko who's a Petopeto-san. A Petopeto-san has the ability to stick to people but only become unstuck by sleeping. The show is cute and interesting but the loli nature of the show may cause some people to turn away from it.

7. Ichigo Mashimaro - The show that resolves around four elementary school students and a 20 year old college student. There is no central plot to it. Also, sometimes the humor is a little complex at times and parts of it could be boring. The show can be enjoyable but it's not for everyone.

6. Tide Line Blue - Another show in a post-disaster world setting. The characters are quite interesting but the setting itself reminds me of Waterworld but better.

5. Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge - This show is a parody of superheros. It's rather funny but some people would fine the humor to be childish. It was a quite of suprise in this season.

4. Suzuka - Guy meets girl of his dreams but she's has a stubbon personality. It's not really a romantic comedy like most of the previous shows of this type. The characters are quite real and enjoyable to watch.

3. FMP: The Second Raid - The third season of the Full Metal Panic series. It's like the first season but even darker and more serious. The first episode wasn't as great compared to the second episode. Also, it really requires the person to see the first season and a little help from the second season.

2. Shuffle - The series is based off a H-game where humans and demons live peacefully. The main character in this one has to decide to marry either the princess of the God or Demon realm. Also, there's his childhood friend, his senpai, and a demihuman in the mix as well. This harem series is cute and enjoyable with a side of ecchi.

And for the top anime series of the summer 2005 season is...

1. Kamichu - This series was the first to debut the summer season and came out first. This series was quite a suprise. It reminds of a Ghibi film which is a good thing. It's very lighthearted and doesn't require much thinking. It just allows you to enjoy the episode without much care.

That's the 2005 summer anime season. I suggest that you watch the shows to see if you like them or not. I plan to make this a seasonal thing with each season of anime. Until Fall 2005, enjoy this season of anime.


  • At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Washi said…

    Cool, great overview of the summer season!

    I'd have to say Kamichu is my favourite also, probably followed by Tide-Line Blue. It's a pity these are both short series. There don't seem to be as many 26 episode series coming out.

    I like GunxSword too actually, and Ichigo Mashimaro.


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