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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Suzuka 1

A boy named Akitsuki Yamato sees a girl practicing high jump from what's going to be his new high school in Tokyo from Hiroshima. He arrives at his Aunt Ayano's bathhouse where he works and lives with her daughter, Miho. Yamato was cleaning the bathhouse when two college girls entered the room. One was completely naked while the other had a towel on at least. The naked girl wanted to hug Yamato but was pushed away by Miho. Then she pushes Yamato out of the room and falls down on the other girl who was getting her glasses. Suddenly, the girl who he saw doing the high jump enters the bath to find him on top of glasses girl. The high jump girl walked away in disgust of him. Then to make matters worse, he accidently enters into her room mistakely for his room which was next door. He finds out her name is Asahina Suzuka. They along with Ayano and Miho eat dinner together. Eventhough they are in the same high school, Suzuka was scouted by track teams while Yamato got in by the waitlist. Yamato tells a story about he was on the baseball team but couldn't hit or field well. So he decided that if he didn't get a hit that he would buy them juice. After he made that promise, he somehow could hit. Suzuka countered what happened if he didn't get a hit which Yamato would apologize to the team but she didn't like that answer and left the room. Miho came to Suzuka's room to apologize for Yamato. Suzuka has a picture that looks like Yamato in her room.

The two college girls, Saotome and Megumi, visited Yamato when Saotome was drunk. Megumi kept apologizing to Yamato for Saotome's drunkness. Meanwhile, Suzuka went to the sauna and thinks about how she needs to get better since she jumped 169 cm (5'7.5"). Megumi became drunk and start lecturing Yamato about how she isn't all breasts. Then, she decides to show Yamato her breasts and soon falls asleep like Saotome did earlier. Yamato went down to the bath to clean up and notices Suzuka unconscious in the sauna. He breaks down the door and rescues her. Ayano tells Yamato that Suzuka will be fine and he should have pulled the door instead of pushing. Yamato lectures Suzuka about the sauna warning which she responds by saying that she's sorry. She just wanted to lose weight so she can jump higher. She wants to make everyone proud but she's worries that she can't meet their expections of her. Yamato tells her to ignore them and just enjoy track. The next day, Yamato goes with Suzuka to practice and helps her set the bar to 164 cm. She tries to jump the bar but hits the bar on the way down. Suzuka starts doubting herself since she could make 164 all the time until she notices where the bar was set at. The bar was set at 173 cm (5'9") since Yamato thought you set the bar at the bottom not at the top. She became very happy when she broke her own record without joy.

This series is quite enjoyable. It's Love Hina but without the craziness (good thing). The characters aren't annoying including the main character. I definitely will continue to blog this series as the last one for the summer season. The next episode will have a temple visit and an introduction to a new guy character.


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