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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Suzuka 2

This post will be shorter than usual because I had almost finished with this post last night when the power went out on me. I don't feel like trying to write another detailed post.

The episode introduces Hattori Yasunobu, an old friend of Yamato's who will be going to same high school as him. Hattori has a thing with women and knows how to get them as well. He even had his own fan club in junior high. Tensions between Yamato and Suzuka increased when Yamato said that she was a fat old woman. He was trying to get Hattori not to chase after her but she was behind him at the time. Yamato and Suzuka went shopping the next day for their celebration of getting into high school. Their personalities clashed many times and somewhat came to an understanding when they were at a temple. Yamato apologizes for the fat old woman comment at the end of the episode and admits that she looked cool when high jumping. She felt happy when he said that.

The episode did a wonderful job on showing the conflicting nature of Yamato and Suzuka's personalities and motativations. Hattori reminds me of Ookusa from Ichigo 100% except he loves having women. There was a priestess girl also introduced but only show for a few seconds. I did enjoy this episode. The next episode will have them finally going to the school where they meet the priestess girl.


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