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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Suzuka 3

It's the first day of school and Yamato is trying to catch up to Suzuka and Miho. Suzuka, Yamato, and Hattori are in the same class with the priest girl. Suzuka asks Yamato to go shopping with her to pick up sport drinks after practice and he said yes. Yamato feels all alone in class until the priest girl talks to him. She knows him from the past and introduces herself as Sakurai Honoka. Suzuka sees Yamato talking to Sakurai and Hattori talks to Suzuka. He tells her about Sakurai and probably going out after school. Yamato doesn't remember Sakurai. After class was over, he tried to talk to Suzuka but Sakurai interruptted him. Suzuka told him to go on without her. Sakurai tells her story on how they first met. She broke the bell when they were kids. Yamato managed to fix the bell so she wouldn't get in trouble with her father. She wanted to go to the new okonomiyaki restaurant with Yamato but he wanted to help Suzuka with her shopping. Yamato decided to wait for Suzuka for five hours in the cold.

Yamato ended up getting a cold for waiting on her. He and Suzuka argued on who's fault for the cold. Yamato just lies in bed since Ayano won't be back until late while Miho is coming back around 5 pm. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Yamato thought it was Suzuka but it was Hattori and Sakurai. Hattori leaves Yamato and Sakurai alone but Suzuka was going to visit Yamato. After seeing Sakurai in Yamato's room, she decides against it. Sakurai tries to make dinner for Yamato but Hattori and Saotome ate the entire dinner with nothing left for Yamato. Saotome tries to be a doctor for Yamato but he didn't like that idea. Ayano was wondering if Yamato needed dinner but Suzuka persuaded her against it. Yamato starts to rant on Suzuka which made her to try out her microwave. She came over to Yamato's room with eggs and juice. She made him honey and lemon juice without the honey. He drinks all the juice and tries to eat the boiled eggs which exploded since she microwaved the eggs.

Finally, they got to the first day of school. Now the priest girl has a name, Sakurai Honoka. She knows Yamato from his time as a kid visiting Tokyo and kept her memories with him as important. She's quite shy around everyone except for Yamato but doesn't have much courage for dating yet. From this episode, Yamato and Suzuka have one thing in common: they're both stubborn in their ways. They have feelings for each other but their stubborness to their personalities causes them to have misunderstandings. This episode wasn't as good compared to episode 2 but hopefully it will get better. The next episode will have a walk in the rain with an umbrella and Yamato doing some track practice.


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