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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Trinity Blood 10

Lady Catherina is under house arrest for the previous night's incidient. Fransciso wants to disband AX as punishment for last night but Alfonso decides against it. AX is under surveillance and can't make any moves without causing even more trouble for Catherina to the point where she could lose her title. Sister Kate has Esther to find Abel and talk to him. Sword Dancer returns to Rome while Alfonso was in league with the Rosenkruez. Sword Dancer meets with the fellow AX members to give them blueprints that Noelle had in Barcelona. They discovered that Silent Noise was hidden in the obelisk that Alfonso gave to Rome. Esther found Abel at the church where Noelle and him met for the first time and tells him that Catherina and everyone are in danger. Catherina meets with Alfonso which he wants her to join him in guiding humanity. She refuses to join him which he summons demons to kill her but Abel comes to save the day. He destroys the demons but when he tries to strike Alfonso, he activiated a shield and reveals himself as Issak.

Alfonso heads for the obelisk which AX arrived to destroy it. Alfonso summons a creature to keep AX busy so he could activate Silent Noise. Meanwhile, Abel fights Issak to protect Catherina. Abel couldn't beat him at his current level so he raised his power level to 80% which allows him to grow wings and use electricity. He injures Issak but it was too late to stop the Silent Noise as Alfonso begins to play the organ. Abel needs to kill Issak since the control chip for Silent Noise is in his heart. He couldn't kill Issak but it wasn't necessary as the remaining members of AX managed to stop Silent Noise. Issak retreats and Rome was saved. At the end of the episode, a man with similar clothing that Abel had when he saved Catherina 10 years ago is introduced.

The Overcount Arc ends in this episode. Abel's second form has been revealed but he still has 20% more power left to use. I'll bet Franscico feels like an idiot for almost allowing Alfonso to destroy Rome while having Catherina locked up. Sword Dancer makes his return to Rome and Esther was somewhat useful. Now you got a guy who knows Abel and possibly a Crusnik. Abel's self-contained power use seems to be more of his choice than forced like Alucard's powers were in Hellsing. The power containing system was probably designed by Abel to follow his ideals. The next episode is called From the Empire.


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