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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 12

Syaoran and the crew arrived at a world where there's a huge lake. Mokona detects a strong energy source nearby. So Syaoran searches the lake while Fai and Kurogane search the surrounding area. Sakura awaits for Syaoran to come back from the lake. She tells him about the memory she recovered from the previous feather and how she talking to someone next to her but sees no one. It was Syaoran who was sitting next to her but due to the deal he made, she can't remember him. Syaoran has a flashback about his past. He had no memory until he was picked up by his foster father, Fujitaka. Sakura was asking when his birthday was and said that she choose his birthday. She picks April 1 which is the same birthday as hers because so they can celebrate it together. Syaoran goes back to Fujitaka which he tells him that seeing with your eyes aren't everything and there are many wonders haven't been found yet. Syaoran and Sakura noticed a bright glow from the lake. Syaoran goes to investigate while Sakura stays behind again. While Sakura was waiting for Syaoran, a glowing whale emerges from the top. It begins to question Sakura's purpose here. She collaspes soon after and remembers another memory. This memory is the first time when Sakura and Syaoran met. The King and Fujitaka introduced Sakura to Syaoran who was hiding in the dark. The King tells Sakura a part of Syaoran's heart is frozen and he needs a warmth to melt it away. Sakura has trouble remembering Syaoran and falls unconsciousness. Syaoran finds something of interest at the bottom of the lake but the glowing whale gets his attention.

Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona were on their way back when they noticed Sakura lying down. Syaoran emerges from the lake and notices the fallen Sakura. He quickly goes to her worrying if something happened to her but she was asleep. Sakura wakes up and heads to the lake to find Syaoran but he was nearby. Syaoran and Sakura down to the lake and looked at a small town which Syaoran was reminded of a memory of them on the roof of the castle looking at a flock of birds. The glowing whale shows up and acts a sun for the very small town. It asks Sakura why she's here and she couldn't give an answer. The whale swims away and drops a scale which they take back with them. Mokona figures out that the scale was the strong energy feeling that it picked up earlier. Since there was no feather here, they moved on to the next world.

This episode basically followed the manga excepted for they move around some of the events, the whale talking to Sakura and Syaoran, and Sakura gets to see the town which she didn't in the manga. I would have to say this episode was better than its manga counterpart. So overall, more of Syaoran and Sakura's pasts were revealed in this episode. No feathers gained in this episode but the scale will be useful in the future. Next episode will have the group travelling to late 17th Euporean times and encountered a Pied Piper ghost.


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