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Friday, July 22, 2005

Yakitate Japan 33

Pierrot begins grading Japan #21 aka Castella Japan by taking a bite. He starts telling the story of his life which he was an orphen to the Quedam Circus. The ringmaster decides to keep the child and named him Pierrot Bolneze which Bolneze was the name of designer of clown's clothing. Pierrot learns the ropes of the circus so he could become a legendary clown like Arezzo. Kawachii was asking how much the story will go on since everyone else has gone home. Pierrot continues his story where the circus goes to Japan but the overhead costs are expensive in Japan. The circus wasn't doing so well in Japan because of lack of advisements. Pierrot came up with an idea to draw people in with a commerical he saw on TV which was a castella something, telephone something ad. The ad gave him the idea of the clone trick. He gives Japan 5 out of 5 for Japan #21 but everyone is asleep because it's 3 am. The France team realized that Azuma used hatsuga genbaku flour which gives it a sweet flavor which allows Japan #21 to be made without sugar. The France realizes that they need to destroy the Japan team quickly.

Kuro-yan gives Azuma props about the flour. Azuma tells him that he started to learn about different types of flour after his match against Kanmuri. Before the next match, France decides to make a bet against Japan where the team that got the lower score will leave the tournament. For France only Edward will be doing the match and Japan could keep all of the members but Subawara decides that only he would face Edward one on one. Azuma promises that he won't interfere while Kawachii is Kawachii. The selection of ingredients in the second round is done by slot machine. Subawara is godly at the slot machine and gains many coins while Edward only has a few coins. Pierrot tells them that the coins have a name of an ingredient on them but the catch is that they must use all the ingredients in a single bread. If one ingredient is forgetten, the bread will be disqualified.

I forgot about Pierrot's long flashbacks of his past. There will be quite a few of them during this tournament. The end result of the flashback was quite funny though. Well the second premin match begun with Subawara doing all the work in this one. His godly performance at the slots screwed up as being greedy meant that he had to use all of those ingredients. Edward told him about not being so greedy during the slots. That statement is very important later on. The next episode will conclude the second premin match with Subawara's Lupan #3 bread.


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