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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yakitate Japan 34

Kawachii realizes that France knew about the rules ahead of time and Kuro-yan confirms his suspension. Only the Management Board of the Mocacco Cup knew about the rules and didn't want France to lose in the premins. Subawara obtained about 300 coins but there were only 34 unique ingredients. He needs to make a bread that will have all 34 ingredients in it. Edward from the French team makes his bread, the Kouglof au Miel. Subawara tells his story about what happened to him after being defeated by Azuma and drew to Kawachii. His master told him to steal techinques and become Lupan. Subawara is making Lupan #3 which is Pain d'epice Kai to counter Edward's Kouglof au Miel.

Meanwhile back in Japan, the Manager explains the Pain d'epice to Tsukino which uses spices like curry does. Edward continues to taunt Subawara while making his bread. Pierrot begins judging the other countries' bread while some of the other countries could continue making their bread. Kawachii wants to help Subawara but Azuma tells him to have faith in him. Pierrot disqualifies the Russian team for adding cocoa for the sake of adding it while he gives France a perfect score without even eating it since he ate it last year. Subawara finishes his bread and Pierrot has a flashback of the past. This flashback details the time shortly after learning the cloning techinque where he encountered a girl who recognized him without the makeup named Kimura Megumi. He fell in love with her and wanted her to go to America with him along with the circus group. She doesn't go with him and gives him a gift before he left to America. The gift was a Ebisu figurine which is the god of good fortune and fishermen. Pierrot asks the question "Nande Ebisu" or "Why is it an Ebisu?" which becomes Pain d'epice. He gives the bread a perfect score eventhough he wanted to give Subawara 7 points for it. Pierrot gives him the Ebisu figurine and tells Edward about how he made the bread which he crushed every ingredient to create a nice flavor to it. Pierrot tells Subawara that he should use a mixer next time instead of crushing each ingredient with his hands which Subawara became depressed afterwords.

The episode left out a small part in the manga which Pierrot initially disqualifies Subawara because he didn't noticed any apples in it at first but he soon did. It would have been funny if it was in there but oh well. The premin rounds are now over and it's obvious that Japan will go to the final rounds where they faced 15 other countries for first place. There will be more shady dealings going on as the tournament continues to move forth. I think the next episode will just setup for the first round of the finals which will take out 8 other teams. I doubt there will be much breadmaking in this episode.


  • At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Washi said…

    Awesome! I've only seen the first 10 or so episodes of this, so I can't wait until I marathon a catch-up session. The show is very funny from what I've seen.


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