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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bleach 43

It's nighttime in Soul Society where Orihime is healing Tsubaki, one of her seven guardians from her battle with the Shinigami. Her guardians tell her that she doesn't need doubt in her heart otherwise they will not be as strong. Ishida and Orihime continued their trek to Rukia's cell when they encountered a drunken member of the 11th Squad. They told him that they were in the 11th Squad but he suspects something when they don't have soul slayers. He looks at the inside part of Orihime's robe to see a 12th squad patch. Before Ishida could attack, the drunkard was knocked out by members of the 12th squad. They were being too friendly with them which Ishida was suspected that something was wrong. His suspicions were proven correct as a bomb suddenly went off. One of the surviving 12th squad members headed towards his captain why he did it since they were ordered to bring the ryoka to their base. The captain blew him up as well since the members were suicide bombs. Ishida and Orihime were protected by her shield along with the drunk 11th squad member. The 12th captain is interested in Orihime as a research subject. The 11th squad member saw Orihime crying which he was confused as she saved his life eventhough she was an enemy. As the 12th captain rambled about the conditions of his research subjects, Ishida went behind him and pointed his bow at him. The captain realized that Ishida was a Quincy and that he already finished his research on his kind. The captain was insulted that Ishida didn't know who he was. The captain introduced himself as the Second Technological Development Bureau Chief, Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Ishida tells the 11 squad guy to take Orihime away from here regardless what she wanted to do. Mayuri tried to grab the escaping duo with his extending mechanical arm but Ishida destroy the hand.

Orihime wanted to go back to the battle but Aramaki Makizou feared for his life with Mayuri and Ishida. She bite his shoulder but he used a karate chop to knock her out. Mayuri deattaches his mechanical arm and use some drug to regenerate his left arm. Ishida starts to attack Mayuri since he thought that the Vice-Captain is weak in terms of combat. His speed technique, the Flying Curtain Legs, was found out by Mayuri which one rides the flow of spirit energy under the feet. Mayuri decides to finish Ishida quickly so he can capture Orihime. He calls out his soul slayer, Ashisogi Jizou and begins to advance towards Ishida. Mayuri's Vice-Captain grabs Ishida and they fall off which Mayuri slices the both of them. Mayuri hits her for not letting go regardless if she loses an arm or not. She asks Mayuri for some medicine but she gets a kick from him instead for being so pathetic. Ishida wants him to stop beating on her which Mayuri mentions that he created her body. Her name is Kurotsuchi Nemu which she's a product of faux body and soul technology. Ishida noticed that his left arm is unable to move. Mayuri's soul slayer has the ability to block the signals that would move the affected limb. So to prove his point, Mayuri stabs Ishida in the left arm which causes him to scream in pain. Mayuri wanted Nemu to kill Ishida but she can't move as well. Ishida told him to stop beating up on Nemu but Mayuri got angry at him for his Quincy Pride he kept hearing during his time researching Quincies. He mentions the time when he became techno chief that he had the Shinigami to delay the rescue of the surviving Quincy so he could attain their soul. He mentions the last Quincy research subject which was Ishida's grandfather. He even show Ishida a picture of his grandfather which at that point, Ishida raised his spirit energy and tells Mayuri that he's going to kill him.

Ichigo is on the sidelines in this episode as Ishida and Orihime encountered Mayuri and Nemu. Ishida knows the truth about his grandfather's death as it was Mayuri who delay the Shinigami for rescuing him just to do research. Mayuri doesn't care what happens to his members of the squad like using him as bombs or fodder to use against the enemy. He even treats his so-called daughter like crap. The next episode will continue the battle against Mayuri and Ishida with some suprises as well.


  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous syrian said…

    do you have a still, where kurotsuchi hit nemu?.. im not sado-masochistic, but wantd a image to go along with a post I wanted to have the image for..


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