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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bleach 45

Yoruichi shows Ichigo the way to achieve bankai by three days. She has a spirit-transfer shell which allows to transcribe a soul slayer's avatar and materialize it. In order to achieve bankai, the yielder must make their soul slayer to materialize (or calling it to yielder's world) and submit to them. Normally, materization would take years to accomplish but Ichigo manage to have achieve materization from his battle with Kenpachi. In order to activate the shell, Ichigo has to stab it with his soul slayer but this method of forced materization is can be only used for three days which must be able to defeat Zangetsu within that time limit. Zangetsu summons a bunch of swords which all of variations of Ichigo's soul slayer. He tells Ichigo that one of those swords can defeat him but he must find before Zangetsu kills him. Iemura Yasochika of the 4th squad questions why the ryoka are being kept alive while writing his journal and receives another ryoka patient from Captain Tousen of the 9th Squad. Hanatarou receives his punishment from the 4th Squad Captain which is unknown. He asks the 4th Squad Vice-Captain about what he did was wrong or not. Reiji has flashbacks about Rukia and an image of Byakuya suddenly came up. He breaks out his cell after seeing the image.

Kira is having regrets for attacking Hiramori and the damage to his cell shows his instability. Gin comes to Kira's cell and asks that if he wants to be saved. Ichigo is having a hard time fighting against Zangetsu. Makizou and Yachiru took Orihime to the 11th Squad office which Kenpachi wants to use her to find him. Ishida is reunited with the injured Sado and Ganju in a prison cell and questions why they are still alive. Sado tells Ishida that they are the prime subjects for the death of Aizen. They can't escape because of the spirit shackles that seal their powers. Ichigo is still getting beat by Zangetsu. He must the find the sword that it was formed only to fight. Meanwhile, Hinamori finished reading the letter that Aizen wrote before he died.

After some intense action with Ishida and Mayumi from the previous two episodes, this episode moves the plot with Ichigo's bankai training along with various members of Soul Society advancing the Aizen plot or the results of the ryoka's actions. The next episode goes into the past with Reiji, Kira, Hinamori, and the 10th Captain during their time in the Academy. I'm pretty sure that this is filler since I don't remember seeing it in the manga.


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