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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bleach 46

This episode is a flashback of Renji, Kira, and Hinamori's days in the Central Spirit Technique Institute (Shinigami Academy). Before Hinamori heads off to the Academy, she says goodbye to Hitsugaya who just a child at the time. Kira gives respect to his dead parents before heading off while Renji and Rukia quickly run to the Academy to get to the opening ceremonies in time. Renji, Kira, and Hinamori are in the advanced class while Rukia was in the regular class. The advanced class was training in demon arts in three groups. Hinamori was in the first group and managed to hit the target while the others didn't even reached the target. Kira managed to almost destroy the entire target in the second group while Renji blows himself up in the third group. During sparring, Renji manages to defeat Kira with ease but everyone was concerned about Kira instead of congraduating Renji for the win. Renji was relaxing on a tree when Kira talks to him. They became friends after that meeting and noticed people were running to somewhere quickly. They see Hinamori which she asked what's going on since she couldn't through the crowd. A random student said that one of the 13th Captains was inspecting the Academy. The crowd pushes Hinamori to the front which she sees Aizen and Gin as his vice-captain at the time. She tells Hitsugaya about her encounter with Aizen and wants to join his squad once she becomes a Shinigami. Renji and the rest of the advanced class are heading out to the living world to fight against dummy hollows. Rukia gets mad at Renji for being in the advanced class while she's stuck in the regular class. Before heading out to the living world, Renji and the others meet sixth round students Hisagi Shuuhei, Kanisawa, and Aoga. Hisagi is famous for receiving a squad assignment before graduation in years and a very promising candidate to become a ranked officer (becomes 9th squad vice-captain) which also failed twice on the entrance exam. The class was broken up into groups of three which Renji, Kira, and Hinamori are in a group. At the site of the training, a huge hollow is lurking nearby.

Renji and the others managed to defeat their dummy hollow rather easily. The class was about to leave when a huge hollow killed Kanisawa and Aoga in one blow. Renji and the others ran away from the hollow while Hisagi tries to hold it back until backup comes. Hinamori convinces Renji and Kira to help Hisagi against the huge hollow. While escaping from the huge hollow, they encountered an entire group of them. When all hope seem to be lost, Gin saves them with his Shikai form of his soul slayer, Shinsou. Gin and Aizen managed to defeat all the huge hollows rather easily. Back to the present, Hinamori manages to knock out the guard with some form of telepathy.

Even though this episode wasn't in the manga, it was rather good filler. It explains a few things like how Hisagi's right eye came to be. Mostly, I think it shows why Hinamori loves Aizen so much with everything else just a bonus. The next episode will have Ichigo continuing with the bankai training along with Hinamori escaping from her cell while pointing a sword at Hitsugaya.


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