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Monday, August 01, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 3

Kaname was watching a samurai show where the main character had spiderlike powers when a news report came on. Sousuke gets a call that causes him to miss the next two days which relates to the news report about a group kidnapped the ambassdor from North China which the group is currently fighting in Nanking. The group is lead by the insane guy in the previous episode. Mithril begins to brief about the group who kidnapped five northern Chinese diplomats. The group is called the Lost 500,000 people and currently hiding an underground tunnel but they haven't heard of them before. Mithril formates a plan to raid the complex but normal communication operations will be hindered. Captain Vincent Blueno will help improve communications for the operation which they going to meet onsite.

Sousake asks the Lt. Commander to pilot a M9 instead of the Arbalest and his request got denied. Also, he asks about Wraith which he doubts that he could protect Kaname well. The Lt. Commander tells Sousake that he has no control what the Wraith does since he belongs to the Information Bureau. China was under a civil war that split them into two parts: North and South which happened eight years ago. Five years ago, the two sides agreed on a ceasefire. They were negotiating an extension of the ceasefire when the L5P kidnapped the North Chinese diplomats. The kidnapping took place in a tunnel in the DMZ which was one of the issues of who gains control of the tunnel. Mithril's involement was due to American, Soviet, and forces who wants China to be reunited again. The incident would cause relations on the two sides become worse. The Uruz team mets with Blueno about the communication issue and receives the necessary equipment. They begin their attack on the tunnel which Sousuke took an AS in the tunnel. Mao and Kruz managed to disable the enemy AS units as they dropped to their locations while the regular soldiers begin to their raid on the complex. The communication devices work well enough but there's static though. Theresa is worried that things are proceeding too smoothly. The enemy is actually spying Sousuke and the hostages. The soliders make their way to where the hostages are being kept. Mao even suspects that it's a little too easy. The soldiers managed to secure the hostages and Mao heads over to the hostage room. The Uruz team suspects that it might be trapped as there's no enemy foot soldiers and the AS units were easy to destroy. Kurz finds out the enemy AS was on autopilot and communications were cut out by Blueno. One of the diplomats was one of the twin sisters who proceeds to take the foot soldiers except for Mao. Mithril command manages to contact Sousuke which he meets up with the Venom AS.

Another action packed episode which the new villians meet up with the Uruz team. With Blueno betraying Mithril, it explains how the L5P knows about Mithril and how to counter against them. The Kaname fans are crying out in pain as she was only in one scene in this episode and might be in another cameo in the next episode. Speaking of the next episode, Sousuke will face off with crazy guy in the Venom AS, Kruz against twin sister in AS, and Mao against the other twin sister in hand to hand combat.


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