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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 4

The episode continues where the previous episode left off at. Mao gets beat up by twin number one, Kruz loses his M9's left arm to twin number two aka Yu Fan, and while Sousuke fights off Venom with an Lambda Drive equipped and a bunch of standard enemy AS. Mithril's communications are being leaked to the enemy by Captain Blueno. Mao was about to die from twin number one but a team of soliders distracted her and escaped with a flash grenade. Mao and Team Topaz will escort the hostages while Kruz will provide backup. Tersera begins to realize that the enemy seems to know where the Uruz team are going. The Venom pilot wants to capture the Arbalest.
Twin number one is telling the Venom pilot about Mithril ground forces capabilities. Sousuke thought he avoided some enemies but they double back and tried to destroy him. Tersera confirms that the information is being leaked and suggests that they used the paradox which was that "All Cretans are liars". Basically, command is going to say one thing on the radio but it's actually the opposite thing. Of course, Blueno has no idea that they are talking about since he wasn't at the briefing. Mithril realizes that the enemy wants the Arbalest. The Venom orders Yu Fan to disengage her fight against Kruz and join him in capturing the Arbalest. Blueno begins to realize what's going on until it was too late when Mithril agents arrive at his home. The Venom pilot thought he was going to trap Sousuke but he fell into the trap instead with Mao, Kruz, and Sousuke there waiting for him. Sousuke tries to defeat Venom's Lambda Drive with his own but he was thrown back instead. Venom was about to finish off the Arbalest when his own unit overheated. So, he floods the tunnel and escapes. The Mithril agents couldn't capture Blueno and all members of the Uruz team survive. The Uruz team wants revenge on Blueno for his betrayal while Sousuke is disappointed with himself for being unable to use the Lambda Drive to its full potential.

This episode was action-packed again as Mithril experienced the power of the L5P group and their influence within the ranks of Mithril. Sousuke begins to doubt the power of the Lambda Drive as he couldn't beat the Venom's Drive. I'm liking this new season of FMP. The next episode will have Mao, Kruz, and Sousuke chasing after Blueno in Sicily which he's hiding from Mithril with the help of the Mafia.


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