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Monday, August 22, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 6

Blueno was being interrogated by Mithril and managed to extract information from him by breaking one of his fingers. He tells them that he was paid $200,000 from a messenger from a group called Amalgam to betray Mithril. Amalgam is an alloy based on mercury. Testrarossa hated to see Blueno being tortured and meets with an admiral. She tells him about Amalgam which due to the recent incidents, he wants Sousuke removed from protecting Kaname. Meanwhile, Kyouko notices that Sousuke's hair was a little long which Kaname asks if he goes to the barbershop. Sousuke said he doesn't and cuts his hair by himself. Kaname mentions that he should go to a salon which Sousuke accepted the idea. Sousuke was uncomfortable during the salon visit as he saw a suspcious person outside of the shop and hated having the scissors near him. He draw his gun on the salon employee and gets whacked by Kaname.

Sousuke tells Kaname that he was uncomfortable with the employee having the scissors up close and saw the enemy nearby. Kaname suggests that he come over to finish his haircut which he accpets. During the haircut, Kaname asks Sousuke about his recent mission and how's he been nervous lately from the stalker. Sousuke mentions about Wraith is additional backup but he has met him. He couldn't answer Kaname's question if Wraith was going to save her if she was in trouble. Kaname managed to finish Sousuke's haircut but he was sleeping when it was finished. Meanwhile, the twin assassins stole a Codarl AS and ran away from Gates. He tried to convince them to stop but they decided to head towards the children and stop taking orders from him. Kaname ask Sousuke if she could have a safe weapon to defend herself with. He gives her a stun gun and asks if he could cut her hair which she said no. Sousuke turns on his computer and sees that he's off bodyguard duty of Kaname and reassigned to Merida Island. He punches the computer in digust of the new orders.

This episode was mostly non-action for the most part as the relationship between Kaname and Sousuke is becoming more personal. Sousuke trusts Kaname with his life and will protect it regardless if he was ordered to protect her or not. The twins are off to exact revenge on a couple of children for their sensei which now I know who it is but I won't mention it yet. Gates is not only crazy but he has his own fetish which I won't mention because it's that sick. The next episode will have Sousuke questioning his loyalties between Mithril and Kaname probably with the twins showing up towards the end of the episode.


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