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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 43

Athrun goes out in Justice which Murrue wanted to recall him because his condition but Lacus convinces her to let him to go out. ORB forces managed to keep the ZAFT at bay while searching for Djibril. The Sky Grasper got hit while engaging against the Minerva and lands on the Archangel for repairs. Kira is fighting the combined forces of Shinn and Rey. Shinn was about to shoot Kira in the back when Athrun stopped Shinn's attack. Athrun's tries to talk some sense into Shinn so he would stop fighting. Rey realizes that Athrun is doing and starts to attack Athrun. Kira attacks Rey while Athrun continues to talk to Shinn. Jona managed to escape from the guards only to be smashed by a crashing Zaku. Meanwhile, Djibril is inside of an underground shuttle waiting for Unato and Jona to arrive. After being tired of Athrun's words, Shinn decides to attack Athrun. Archangel decided to submere underwater to avoid the Minerva.

Djibril decides to launch the shuttle without the Saran family. Archangel attacks the ZAFT naval ships from underwater. Shinn goes into Seed mode but Athrun also goes into Seed mode and destroys Destiny's right arm. Archangel managed to take out ZAFT's flagship while Djibril's shuttle is leaving ORB. Talia sends out Lunamaria while Cagalli sends out some Murasumes to go after the shuttle but their efforts were useless as he managed to escape. Talia orders the fleet to withdraw since Djibril escaped and the fleet was losing to ORB. Athrun collasped in mid-flight but Kira managed to catch him in time. ORB is dealing with the damage in the cities while Athrun was bleeding from his head. Talia was talking to Dullindal about the battle and how Djibril managed to escape. Neo talks to Murrue which he mentions that he doubts his own past and feels that he knows her in the past. He decides to stay with Murrue and they have a nice embrace together. Kira, Lacus, Athrun, and Meyrin were watching Cagalli giving her speech on the recent events that happened in ORB along with Dullindal's policies. Before Cagalli could explain any further, she was interrupted by Meer as she tried to turn the people against ORB. Kira and Lacus head to where Cagalli was giving her speech which Lacus interrupted Meer. Dullindal was shocked by the appearance of the real Lacus.

This episode finished the battle at ORB as Djibril escaped into space while ZAFT forces suffered defeat from the combined forces of ORB and the Archangel. Dullindal try to screw Cagalli from explaining herself and the actions of ORB by having Meer to interrupt her broadcast but the sudden appearance of the real Lacus put a dent into his plans. I wonder how the common people will view Lacus's speech in the next episode which she will give. This will setup a fight between Meer and Lacus which I hope Lacus will slapped the crap out of Meer but I'll doubt that will happen in that way but hopefully you'll get my point. Also in the next episode, Djibril will begin his final plan in space.


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