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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 44

The real Lacus speaks to everyone which she doesn't support Dullindal's policies. Dullindal stop Meer's broadcast since trying to interrupt the real Lacus would play into their hands. She mentions that the people who incite others to fight are the ones who are in the wrong. Djibril was happy at first with Lacus's words but became unhappy when she said she doesn't defend him. She tells the people that they must be better informed on Dullindal's true purpose. The people are confused by the two Lacuses. Meer apologizes to Dullindal about her failure which he decides to make her hidden for awhile. Dullindal heads for Messiah in space. The Minerva is ordered to head into space. Shinn and Lunamaria asks Rey about what he thinks about the two Lacuses situation. He says that it's psychologial warfare and doesn't really care. Rey prepares Shinn and Lunamaria for battling with Freedom and Justice as Lunamaria gains hope that Meyrin is still alive. Meanwhile, Djibril is preparing to fire the Requiem cannon on the far side of the moon. Yzak and Dearka head an assault on an O'Neill type colony that's moving towards PLANT.

The colony slowed down as Yzak's group was engaging the escort forces. Djibril orders to fire Requiem at Aprilius which is PLANT's capitial. The Requiem cannon is fired as it goes through the O'Neill colonies causing the laser to bend. It didn't hit Aprilius as planned instead hitting Januarius 1-4 along with December 7-8 due to destruction of Januarius-4. Due to the combat near one of the colonies caused the firing angle to be off slightly. Everyone in the world is seeing the power of the Requiem cannon. ZAFT forces take out the remaining escorts and destory one of the O'Neill colonies. Rey shows how the Requiem cannon can be used to attack any place in space. Minerva heads into space to join with the Lunar fleet especially with the recent developments. Lacus says that Dullindal was going to reveal his new world where everything is determined by a person's genes. Kira talks about the Destiny Plan where a person's role is predetermined at birth by genetics and the ones who differ with the system are screened, adjusted, and controlled. This new world will have people freed from not knowing themselves and their futures and live without worrying or suffering. The drawback that they will only live to the extent of their destinies. Lacus goes on saying that the world will have no war because the people will think that fighting is futile. Dullindal will be the High Priest of this new world where Destiny is King. Everyone on the Archangel decides to head into space to stop Dullindal's Destiny Plan.

This episode has Djibril destroying six PLANT colonies while missing his true target and Dullindal's Destiny Plan finally revealed. I was disappointed with the whole two Lacuses' angle as it could have better played out. It looks like what Athrun said to Meer about Dullindal discarding people once their use is done is finally happening to Meer. She may be sidelined for now but she will come back before the series is over and confront Lacus face to face. As for the Destiny Plan, it may sounds great and all but there's one major problem to it. It removes the uncertainity and choice in life. It's not a true peaceful world if the power of choice is removed. Uncertainity makes life interesting and allows you to go beyond your potential and fun of finding your own path. It seems that the next episode will have the Minerva and Yzak's forces attacking Djibril's base on the far side of the moon.


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