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Monday, August 22, 2005

Ichigo 100% OVA 2

The film club is preparing their Jungle Cafe for the Spring Festival tomorrow. Komiyama was hanging some vines when he lost his balance on the ladder and causes a coconut to knock over the barrier that hiding a changing Toujo and Satsuki. After the incident, Misuzu talks to Junpei with the choice of the jungle theme along with the maid outfits. Yui and Satsuki fight each other over their breast sizes which Satsuki punches Junpei in the face. Nishino enters the room to help them to setup for tomorrow. Before they could start working, a small girl named Chinami knocks down Junpei while running away from three guys. The three guys want her to return their money that she took from him and revenge. She decides to use Junpei to save herself from the guys but Junpei wasn't going along with it and decides to kiss him to prove her point. Of course, Satsuki takes it too seriously. Chinami was about to escape when various guys from different clubs take Satsuki to use for their events in the festival. Junpei was chasing after the guys when a different group of guys trampled him. These guys are part of the Nishino Fan Club but they get sidetracked from Misuzu and Yui. Chinami gets chased by the three guys from earlier while Misuzu, Yui, and Nishino get chased by the various members of Nishino's fan club. The remaining members of the film club wake Junpei up just for him to see that the props for the cafe are destroyed. Sotamura and Komiyama leave the room since they don't want to work on the props. Toujo was going to help Junpei with the props but members of the literature club told her that she need to see the chairman. Junpei is left alone to work on the props and eventually, the power goes out for the entire school but he decides to continue working under the moonlight. Toujo came back to help Junpei with the props. She was hanging a skull piece in a cave where she bumped her head. Junpei came to see if Toujo was ok but he caused the cave to collaspe and trapping them under it. After being positions that are awkward in a sexual way, they managed to become free from the cave with some luck. Junpei steps on a skull that causes him to fall into the pool while Toujo's skirt becomes undone which makes her go into the pool. Junpei exits the pool and takes his pants off to remove a fish in them but he also shows Toujo his 'thing' by accident. Then the other members come back to see Junpei and Toujo in their underwear which causes Satsuki to beat the crap out of him. The next day, Junpei becomes a wild animal in a cage for the club while Sotamura shows shots of Satsuki beating up Junpei while he was in his underwear.

This OVA didn't have much based on the manga which includes Chinami's introduction was different. She was only being chased by one guy for one and Junpei did defend her by helping her to pay off her debt. It seems that the OVAs are trying to get situations where Junpei and Toujo are in convinent sexual positions along with the minimial amount of clothing. The animation style was different compared with the first OVA and the TV series. Overall, I was disappointed with this OVA. I like the first one better compared with this one. I don't know if this will be the last OVA or not but I would prefer another TV series especially that the manga is finished.


  • At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i really like this episode, because toujou and junpei get closer together. plus its funny.

    favorite ichigo ova


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