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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kamichu 4

Yurie's family notices that Tama has gotten smarter due to the poverty god in the last episode. While eating, a rocket like thing appears in their backyard. Yurie opens it and comes out three little spirits called Team Happiness that helps her wish-making duties better. They immediate give a request to her when Tama tells her to look at the TV. A Martian lands near the Diet Building this morning and the next thing she knows, she's on a plane to Tokyo. While on the plane, Yurie asks for their names which they don't have any and must come up with some names for them. The government sends Yurie to talk with the Martian which is a pink octopus. Yurie tries to speak the Martian with no success and wants to give up but the butterfly gave her some advice on how the Martian must feel lonely. Yurie approaches the Martian which it extended a tentacle to her. Yurie was all scared until the tentacle touched her head and suddenly, she could understand the Martian which it asked for a phone. Meanwhile, Mitsue and Matsuri were watching the news along with a bunch of other students and teachers interested with the Martian business. The Martian was able to use the phone to make a translator badge. It can see the Team Happiness while the government could not. It came to Earth to return a NASA spacecraft. The Japanese government is planning to bring the UFO and the Martian to America. Yurie is in a souvenir shop trying to buy something for the Martian. She names the butterfly girl, Cho in the store which she blushes in response.

Yurie notices that the UFO was being taken away and tries to stop the government from taking it away. She was being hauled away by a solider when the Martian told her to take his radio and bring it to her. The Martian was able to transform the radio into an all area sleep device. The device even causes Yurie to sleep but the Martian put its bow on her to counter the sleep effect. They tried to go to the UFO but the sleep device's batteries ran out and went inside of the Diet Building. Mitsue and Matsuri continue to watch and eat at Yurie's troubles. The Prime Minister orders all available soldiers to help out with the Martian's capture and remove all radios in the area. While hiding in the Diet assembly room, Yurie names the warthog, Ino and asks the Martian if she had family waiting for her. The Martian shows Yurie the person that she likes in her current Middle School. Yurie asks for paper and pen which Ino has but has only three pieces of paper. The deer creature is named Shika as a penalty for saying weird things. The soliders begin to close in on Yurie and the others which she uses her god powers to write delay tactics to make the soliders move very slow. Yurie and the Martian exit the Diet Building and get surrounded by the soliders but they managed to disappear and continue their way to the UFO but got surrounded by soliders with many guns pointed at them. Yurie recites the meaning of nonaggressive foreign policy to the soliders and managed to get them to back off. They were almost arrived at the UFO when the Prime Minister tries one more time to take the Martian and the UFO to America. The American helicopter caused a piece of moonlander to fall on the minister's head and knocked him out. The Martian offered Yurie if she wanted to visit Mars which she said that she will try. Yurie wanted to return the bow to the Martian but she said that she could keep it. In return, Yurie gave her a piece of paper saying "Martian-chan loves Martian-kun." After a hug, the Martian returned the moonlander in front of the White House before leaving for Mars. The next day, Yurie gave Mitsue a keychain of the Diet Building. Team Happiness returned with a wish and a second later, a submarine appears in front of Yurie. It seems that the government has been contacted by Katei-jin and Chitei-jin.

The episode was a pleasant surprise from what I originally expected which was hijinxes by Team Happiness. I love the Martian and her ability to transform communication devices into translators or sleep devices. Eventhough Mitsue and Matsuri didn't have much of a role in this episode, I still enjoyed the episode. Also, there's an actual OP now instead using scenes from episodes to make the OP. The next episode will have Yurie getting sicked and the effects of her sickness on her godly powers.


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