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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Law of Ueki 18-19

Robert's 10 Commander in Chief, Kal P Accho meet with Sano and Robert to introduce two new members to Robert's 10. He tells Sano that Ueki took out all of the 10 and that they are holding a party for Ueki which he introduces the two new members of Robert's 10. The first new member is an overweight kid named Yun-Pao who likes sweet things (go figure). The other new member is Kabara who has a nice wing-styled cape. Meanwhile, Ueki managed to level up to six stars in the Awakening Organ. Inumaru tells Ueki about his relationship with Kobasen which he told him that justice is something can't forced upon but must have in the beginning. A bird drops an invitation for Robert's party to Ueki. He was about to head off to find Robert when Rinko attacks Ueki. She doesn't want Ueki to go to fight Robert because he would mostly like to die. She then throws bead between Ueki and herself as mines. He keeps walking into the beads which she explains that she's the one that has to die because she loved Robert. She doesn't wanted Ueki to die because she wants to convince Robert to turn against his evil ways. Ueki grabs her hand and tells her that she isn't alone. Five days later, Ueki, Mori, Rinko, and Inumaru arrived at an arcade which Robert's party is being held at. They played a racing game which they have to go into a billboard to activate the secret entrance to Robert's hideout.

Robert tells them that they have to put on a bracelet in order to enter Dogura Mansion aka the theme park from Hell. Ueki thinks it's a mole-man show but Mori corrects him. Roberts tells Mori aka nosy looking chick and Inumaru aka man with the hat to go home but Mori decides to put on the bracelet and enters the mansion with the others soon to follow. Robert explains the rules of the game to them. They have to fight 4 of Robert's people in a special field in a best of five series. Mori and Inumaru have to fight as well since the bracelet has a poison-tipped needle that can a beast from Hell. If they did try to run away or lose, the needle will prick them and die. The players in the match along with the type of field is determined by a slot machine. If Ueki's team wins, Robert will grant one request. Inumaru wanted to know why Sano join the 10 but Sano refused to answer. Rinko tells Ueki about Karlpacho who takes direct control of the 10 and adds new members if necessary. Ueki is the one who activates the slot machine for the first match. The first match is Ueki vs. Yun-Pao in a Cake field. The rules in this field that eating 100 grams of the cake will increase your opponent's weight by 1 kilogram. Ueki tries to use the Kurogane on Yun-Pao but he moves very quickly for an overweight person. Yun-Pao uses his power to change electricity into sugar. At first, it didn't do anything until he finished his pose which caused the sugar to transform back into electricity effectively shocking Ueki. Inumaru realizes that Yun-Pao is using his power limit to fight against Ueki. Ueki thought Yun-Pao was a genius but he just wanted to transform things into sugar as fun. He tries to use Ranma against him but fails. Soon, Ueki is becoming fatter as Yun-Pao eats the cake. He tries to summon a Sacred Treasure but he gets shocked by electricity. Eventually, Ueki decides to eat the cake as well which Mori got jealous of Ueki. Tenko wants Ueki to find Yun-Pao's power limit through the poses. As Ueki kept getting shocked, Tenko want Ueki to give up but he refuses to surrender.

The next episode continues the battle of fat Ueki vs. Yun-Pao. Ueki continues to shock while trying to figure Yun-Pao's poses which he realized that his eyes are opened during the entire time. Everyone but Ueki realizes that Yun-Pao's eyes is related to his power limit. Yun-Pao can only change electricity into sugar when his eyes are open which the poses are just distactions. Ueki tells that he was an idiot for doing the poses but Mori wouldn't have realized as easily. He distracts Yun-Pao by telling that there's a chocolate cake nearby and uses the 5-star treasure Ressen which is a extending battering ram. Yun-Pao was defeated by the Ressen attack and everyone is sent back to the slot machine room. Ueki's team gets to select the next round match but Yun-Pao can't be selected for any of the next matches. Mori decides to pull the slot machine since she didn't trust Ueki to do it because he might pick her. She picks herself to face Kabara in the Cossack field. Ueki tries to come with her to field but the teleportation field blocks the attempt. The Cossack field is a snowy forest that has no oxygen at all. In order to breathe, they have to wear a Cossack hat and do a Cossack dance. Once they stopped dancing or take the hat off, the hat disappears and they have ten of them. Also, they can't wear the other person's hats otherwise they will get a surprise. Ueki has his own personal viewing area as punishment for trying to help Mori. He can't use his Sacred Treasures and any attacks against the block of ice will just get absorbed and reflected back. Kabara stops his dance and begins to attack Mori with pachinko balls which he can shoot them with the same power of a rifle. Mori begins to run away from Kabara and hides behind a brick wall but Kabara has the power to transform his cape into black wings. Mori asked him why he could on longer without breathing which he answered the question from his training as a professional hunter and go on without breathing for five minutes.

Mori begins to doubt herself to win against Kabara but sees Ueki trying to escape without giving up. Rinko asks why Kabara isn't worried about losing Zai which Inumaru replied back with that his power couldn't hurt people. Since, they lose Zai if you used your powers to hurt normal people. Mori realizes that she can't give up as Ueki continues to try to escape even though it seem hopeless. She remembers the time that he lost his Zai of studying and running but he continued to improve himself by doing the work and practicing. She tries to flatter, seduce, and tries to return to childhood on Kabara but it doesn't work. She lures him into a cave with another target for him to shoot at. She tries to attack him but it fails. He thought he had her but she actually took his Cossack hat sack instead. She needs to distract Kabara for three minutes because that how much time he has before needing to take another breath. He manages to find Mori and asks her to give back his sack. She gives it to him but it doesn't have any hats left. He takes her sack to get her to tell where she hid the hats. After a barrage of balls, Mori tells him the location of the hats. After uncovering the hats, he puts one of them on just to explode on him. The hat was actually Mori's and the sack that he took from Mori was actually his own. Both of them collasped at the same time which results in a tie for the match.

These episodes begin the Dogura Mansion party as Ueki faces against Robert's team. I really loved the silliness of the fields like the cake field where eating the cake can make your opponent fat. Even Mori is getting some screen time after being MIA for most of the Robert's 10 battles. She even manages to get a push between a professional trained hunter power user. From the next episode preview, I think one of the matches will be Sano vs. Inumaru just because the relationship they have. Also, the other match might be between Ueki and Karlpacho. The next episode will have Rinko faced against Kabara in a cat and mouse field where the players become the mice for huge cats.


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