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Friday, August 26, 2005

The Law of Ueki 20

Robert wanted Mori and Kabara in the next fight due to the tie in previous fight. Ueki pulled the lever for the conditions of the next fight which Rinko will face Kabara in a cat field. Rinko and Kabara are teleported to a room where their surroundings are big along with the cats. The way to win this fight is to make your opponent get eaten by the cats. If you touch a cat's nose, your opponent transforms into a mouse and get chase by the cats. If the transformed mouse managed to touch the nose, the mouse becomes a human again and the other person is the mouse. Kabara immediately goes into the air and Rinko tries to attack him but her attack caused the cats to wake up. She tries to attack him again but a cat stopped her attack. Kabara uses his ability to make his feathers into shurikens to distract one of the cats in order to touch its nose. Rinko is transformed into a human mouse and can only say Chu. The cats begin to chase after Rinko since she's a mouse now. Kabara makes things worse as he attacks Rinko from above and even managed to destroy a table with his feathers. Ueki and the others realized that Rinko's love of animals gives her a disadvantage in the battle. She's fighting the battle on two fronts which she refuses to attack the cats. Rinko tries to open the fridge door but it was too big for her to move it.

Her attempts to open the fridge was actually a ruse to distract Kabara as she planted beads to blow the door open causing him to crash into the fridge. Rinko climbed the fridge and a cat tried to eat her but it stop a few feet in front of her. She touched the nose of the cat which she changed back into a human and Kabara into the mouse. She explains to everyone that cats hate the smell of citrus which she covered herself in lemon juice. Kabara is now chased by the cats and gets attacked by Rinko with the beads. He tries to attack one of the cats but Rinko makes a barking sound to stop the cat in time. He then tries to touch one of the cat's nose but she makes a female cat's sound. Kabara then destroys the table so no one could reach him and then destroys the ledge that Rinko was standing on causing her to be on ground level. Rinko was injured from Kabara's attack with Karlpaccho giving a speech which friendship doesn't really matter and makes you weak. Rinko counters Karlpaccho with Mori's ability to fight Kabara without any power at all. He mentions that she can't win against Kabara without being able to fly but she had a surprise for him. Kabara fires a bunch of feathers at Rinko but she avoid them by flying into the air with her special sandals. The sandals contained a bunch of beads with cork that are surrounded by a special alloy so her feet will be protected by the blast which she calls the Rinko Rocket. Kabara creates a whirlwind to counter her beads but she has the bead cannon which increases the power of the beads. She destroys his wings which the cats then ate him. Rinko wins the match and Ueki pulls the slots for the next fight. The next fight is Ueki vs. Sano in the Rope-Jumping Field. The field consists of a small platform that is surround by manga. There is a rope covering the length of the room which is very thick and high voltage. The condition for victory is either knock your opponent out or knock them into the magma.

This episode didn't have much in terms of Ueki action or advancement of plot but Rinko managed to show off a few new moves as she beats Kabara. Poor Kabara as he gets beat by Mori, a non-power user girl and Rinko, a power-user girl. That must hurt his underworld hunter pride as two girls beat him. The episode was very funny with the giant cats and the mouse effect. It keeps up with the show style of serious fighting with funny powers and settings. I think that Inumaru and Sano fighting each other would be more interesting than Ueki fighting him. That could mean that Inumaru may have to fight Karlpaccho at the end which should truly the second fight for Ueki. The next episode will have Ueki and Sano fighting for victory as Sano reveals the reason for wanting to join the 10.


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