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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Law of Ueki 21

Ueki tells Sano that he wants to tie instead of fighting him. Sano counters back with the situation that Mori or Inumaru may have to fight in the next battle and be at a disadvantage because Mori doesn't have any powers and Inumaru can't use his powers. Then he tells Ueki that he joined the 10 on his own free will. Ueki tells Inumaru that he will crush Sano and after moving a step, the rope begins to move because of the vibrations on the platform. He tries to stop the rope with Fuudou but the rope easily cuts through it. He tries to attack Sano with Kurogane but he blocks it with this power to change towels into steel. Sano goes on the offensive and attacks Ueki with a spear but it was blocked by the Fuudou. Sano wanted him to do that and jumps high enough so he could trap Ueki into a huge steel staple to the ground. To escape from the staple and the rope, he uses Ressen to elevate himself above the rope. Tenko tells Ueki that Sano's power is about the same as an 8-star Heavenly Being. Ueki attacks Sano with Masshuu but he uses his power to stop the jaw from closing all the way. Sano throws a steel boomerang at Ueki and turns it back to a towel which catches on Ueki's leg. The towel catches on the rope which becomes part steel and electrocutes Ueki. Ueki decides to fight Sano more seriously. He tries the Ressen attack again but Sano jumps up and directs the attack downward. He tries Masshuu again with Sano doing the same counter but this time, Ueki uses a tree to shut the jaw forcibly which Sano barely escaped from. Meanwhile, there's a small pentagon mark on the back of Inumaru's neck.

Sano throws a steel boomerang above Ueki's head and transforms it back to a towel which sets on Ueki's head. He changes it back to steel so Ueki can't see or breath. The rope was coming back but Ueki uses a twig to time his jump. Sano uses the same trick again which Ueki thought he could counter it but allows his hands to be encase in steel. Ueki decides to use them to punch Sano but Sano decides to remove the towels which they go into a fist fight. Ueki uses Ressen again and manages to outwit Sano's counters. After almost being smashed by the Ressen attack, Sano attacks Ueki with a group of boomerangs with Ueki tries to block with a tree but the boomerangs cut through the trees. Mori notices that the rope is going faster and faster because as the vibrations continues to exist, the rope will keep accelerating. Sano realizes Ueki's weakness with the sacred treasures. Ueki tries to do the same tactic that he used in the battle against Myoujin but Sano countered it. He tries again with Ressen but Sano counters that attempt as well. Ueki then uses Ranma to attack Sano but Sano uses the steel spring to avoid it along with the rope. Sano fell into Ueki's trap as he enters a hole that he could avoid the rope and use his sacred treasures while he was in mid-air. Ueki hits Sano with the Kurogane which almost causes Sano to fall off the ledge but he manages to grab on just in time. Ueki tries to save Sano but he want to lose from the beginning. He was about to fall off the ledge but Kalpaccho stops him from doing it or he changes the promise that they made. Kalpaccho tells about the promise which he placed a Death Pentagon which he got from Margaret on Inumaru's neck. On his command, the Death Pentagon will suck all the blood out of Inumaru's body in a few seconds. The promise was that Kalpaccho removed the Death Pentagon if Sano joins the 10 and defeats 20 power users.

The silliness of the show was cast aside for a great battle between Sano and Ueki along with Inumaru's life on the line from the Death Pentagon. I very much enjoyed this episode. The next episode will have Inumaru pulled out some trump card which will affect the outcome of the battle.


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