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Monday, August 01, 2005

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo 1

A housewife named Asaba Ureshiko is cleaning a room with a vacuum but it stops working. Instead of trying to fix it the normal way, she uses her magical powers to fix it but it goes out of control. An old woman named Motohira Yuko uses her magical powers to stop the vacuum. Meanwhile, a guy named Kagura Tatsumi takes one last look at his old high school before moving away. He has a flashback which he injured his angle during a high jump attempt. Ureshiko was getting flowers when she senses magic nearby. A new elementary student named Kurenai Sayaka gets settled into her new school. Ureshiko tells Motohira about the magic she sensed earlier and Motohira tells her it's her successor. The students in Sayaka's new class don't like very much especially a couple of boys. Ureshiko transforms into a magical girl and heads off to meet her successor. The two boys tell Sayaka that she has to clean the classroom for an entire week alone which she uses her powers to make one of boy's pants to fall down. Then, she decides to give the classroom a makeover involving frog chairs and desks along with various of other toys. She flies around the hallways with a broom and starts to transform the school into a mansion. She goes outside to complete the transformation when a magic ball reverts the school back to its former self. The ball came from Ureshiko aka Agnes Bell.

Sayaka is revealed to be Cruje, Agnes's successor to the Manager of Wonderland. She demends that Agnes gives her the ring but she refuses to give up the ring for she wants to leave Wonderland as it is. Agnes begins to chase Cruje around town reversing any transformations that Cruje has down. Their chase comes across Kagura and his assistant which Cruje was almost run over. Kagura and his assistant arrive at the Ureshiko's house which Kagura is going to live in now. Ureshiko tries to play off her magical girl appearance from Kagura. After Kagura got move in, Ureshiko takes him on a tour of the town which she expresses her love of the town. Later in the night, she tries to help Kagura to put away his stuff where she almost falls off of a ladder. Kagura makes a save and almost got a kiss from her but she denied him it.

A fanservice-type of show with magical girl elements blend in into it. There are some issues develop from the first episode like who's Ureshiko's husband is and the battle of succession between Agnes and Cruje. Also, Kagura acts a foil to Ureshiko's feelings for her husband which is MIA at the moment. I think this show will be fanservice first, story second in my opinion. Please look for where I rank the show compared with the other summer shows.


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