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Monday, August 22, 2005

Petopeto-San 1

The episode begins at the pool with a bunch of students swimming. A girl talks to a boy named Shingo who tells him that it's her first time in the pool. Everytime she walks, a squeeking sound is made. While talking to him, a dragonfly flew nearby her and she tried to get it away from her. She was about to fall into the pool when Shingo grabbed her hand but they both fell into the pool. The scene shifts from the pool to the classroom two weeks earlier where the girl who fell into the pool introduces herself to the class. Her name is Fujimura Hatoko who's a Petopeto-san from the specified races. A Petopeto-san has the ability to stick to living things but they can be only unstuck after falling asleep. It shifts back to the present where Shingo and Hatoko are stuck at the hand and managed to get out of the pool. The teacher named Sayoko tried to get them unstuck but couldn't. So she decides to send them to Hatoko's house which she will come later in the day. The scene goes shifts to one week earlier where everyone is calling her Petoko. She's pretty happy at class and Shingo was looking at her. The class montior was telling all specified races to control themselves. One girl calls the specified races monsters as the scene goes back to the present. Shingo and Hatoko arrived at her home which Shingo meets her mother who seems to be a ghost. They tried to change their clothes which was a hassle due to their right hands being stuck together. She tries to apologize to Shingo for being stuck together and being a monster.

Shingo tells Hatoko that Petoko is a nickname that he made up and it was a cute nickname. Hatoko's mother and Sayoko are drinking while Shingo and Hatoko just watch them get drunk. Also, Hatoko's father is away on business. Shingo and Hatoko tried to go to sleep but they couldn't. Instead they had a walk to a graveyard. Hatoko tells Shingo that her father was a human that got caught by her mother's trap which he decided to marry her. They see the town nearby but Hatoko didn't want to go to it since it will make her sad. Shingo decided to drag her to the town but Hatoko managed to drag him to the pond where a girl emerged from it. They watched her swim as Hatoko didn't want Shingo to look at her which brought the other girl's attention. The girl was Sahara Kuguru, a kappa who came to the school two weeks earlier. Sahara tries to get their hands unstuck but instead, she throws them into the water. Hatoko loses her towel and Sahara covers Hatoko's breasts with her hands but she gets stuck as well. Sayoko makes them wear a huge blanket to school. Shingo realizes that Sahara saved them in the pool. They fell asleep and managed to get unstuck finally.

An interesting first episode as Hatoko gets stuck with Shingo and eventually Sahara as well. It seems that they are many specified races like Petopeto-san and Kappa for examples. Somehow, it's a good thing that this plot device takes place in middle school not in high school for obvious reasons. There's probably more to this anime but it doesn't show it yet. I wonder where this series will head off to. The next episode seems to go more into the specified races aspect of the story.


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