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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Play Ball 1

Two elementary school kids named Igarashi and Marui meet with a high school kid named Taniguchi on the street. Marui was about to tell Taniguchi that he brought some baseballs but Igarashi grabbed his butt and lied to him. The next day, Taniguchi watches the baseball team from the fence and a ball comes to him. He thinks about throwing the ball back but he stops to think for a second and decides to roll back instead. Back at Taniguchi's house, his dad is watching baseball but he turns it to another channel when Taniguchi enters the house. A neighbor comes to the house and changes the channel to a baseball game which Taniguchi's father changes immediately. The next day, Taniguchi watches the baseball team and a couple of girls were walking behind the outfield which they were warned that it was dangerous to be there. They countered that no one in the baseball team could hit that far. As Taniguchi was about to leave, the captain of the soccer team named Aiki asked him to join the team to not to waste his body. He refuses the offer and leaves. Tadokoro the catcher asks Aiki about Taniguchi which Aiki tells him that he was once a pitcher of a national championship middle school team. During the final game of the championship, his finger became so severly injured that he can't throw anymore balls. Marui and Igarashi wanted Taniguchi to know that they will be there for him if he needs to talk about something and give him taiyaki. Taniguchi overheards his parents talking about changing the channel during a baseball game when he comes home. He decides to join the soccer team after all.

Aiki decides to put Taniguchi against Konno at first but he refuses since he thinks that Taniguchi is weak. Taniguchi easily manages to pick up soccer and improves very fast. He brings home a soccer ball which his parents were quite shock at the idea but they were happy for him. Taniguchi goes outside to practice targeting the ball at his target which he improves very quickly even in the rain. Konno decides to have Taniguchi practice with him by stopping him from getting to the goal. After awhile, groups of people were watching them practice which they were trying hard as they can. Eventually, both of them collasped from practicing so hard. Konno tells Taniguchi that he was a little angry with him since he thought that he wouldn't give soccer the same amount of passion that he did with baseball but he was wrong. Konno accepts Taniguchi as a member of the team which Taniguchi continues to practice outside of his home.

I'm not sure about what to make of this series. At first, it looks like it's a baseball anime but as the episode goes on, it becomes a soccer anime. I was reading JT's Blog and found out that this series is actually a sequel to a series called Captain which tells Taniguchi's story in Middle School up to the final Championship game. I don't particually like the old-school character designs but the previous series was from the 80's which is part of the reason why the characters are retro. I'm not that sure what's the true identity of the series is. The OP and ED shows baseball but the preview for the next episode shows soccer. Look at the new rankings for the Summer Anime Season as well since it has been updated with this show.


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