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Monday, August 01, 2005

Shuffle 4

Rin teachs Nerine how to clean an eraser properly but the other girls were mad at him for it. They were taking out the trash when they encountered two guys gossiping about Rin like two housewives would gossip. Nerine gets mad at them for insulting Rin which she shocks the two guys along with part of the school. Nerine's father said that she went easy on them to the teacher and she wasn't impressed. She wants them to fix the school but they tried to get out of it which she wouldn't allow them. The incident made Rin and Nerine blush when near each other. The next day, Shia suggests that she and Nerine should lunch boxes for Rin which Nerine blushes at the idea. Rin and Midoriba compared their exam scores and Rins beats Midoriba by one point: a 92 compared to 91. Midoriba was shocked and amazed while Shia and Mayumi wanted Nerine to destroy the school because they failed their exams. She would do it if Rin would ask but Rin wouldn't allow it. They ate lunch on the rooftop where Nerine suggested that Mayumi and Shia should write an essay about Laplace's formula. Then they started to compare lunch boxes which Midoriba has a seperate girl to make his lunch. Shia comes with an idea that everyone should prepare lunches for a picnic on Sunday but Nerine doesn't look pleased at the idea.

Rin, Shia, and Kaede were talking about the picnic and people who are coming. They aren't sure about Nerine since she disappeared earlier in the day. Nerine buys a book on cooking while Kaede teaches Primula on how to cook. Nerine keeps disappearing during recess and leaves school at the end of the day. She actually goes to the home-ec room and practices cooking and asks Asa to help her to learn how to cook. Even Nerine's father is worry about her whereabouts. She evens go to school early and practices her chop during class. Rin gets into trouble for watching Nerine's movements. He finally talks to Nerine which he mentions that everyone is worry about her. Asa tells Rin to back off and wait until Nerine is ready to tell her secret cooking lessons. Nerine tells Asa that she wants to cook to impress Rin and not to disappoint him. Asa tells her that she should tell Rin about her lessons and that she would help her make a special menu for Rin on Sunday. Nerine tells Rin that her lunch is made by her father and she's been practicing cooking with Asa. Rin feels much better and awaits her lunch on Sunday. Nerine's lunch box was an omelette which was the only thing she knows how to make. Rin took a bite and said it was delicious. Everyone wanted a bite at Nerine's lunch but Rin took it away while Nerine smiles with delight.

Nerine is pretty cool in this episode. She destroys part of the school and gains points with Rin with her omelette of love. I also have to said that Primula is even cuter with her down without the pigtails. Overall, it was a great episode. The next episode will be a Kaede episode as she gets sick and stuck in bed.


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