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Monday, August 08, 2005

Shuffle 5

Rin dreams of the past when he and Kaede were kids as they were in the rain one night with Kaede crying and screaming at Rin. Kaede asks about Rin's dream which he lies to her and said that she was kidnapped by aliens. He asks her the same question which she doesn't really dream and tells her to relax. She's sad that he ask her to let up a little since she believes that her purpose is to serve Rin. Primula detects an earthquake coming which Rin and Kaede are in panic mode while she's very calm. During their way to school, Rin is attacked by the three Nakabayashi brothers who are in the Science Club and each brother belongs to one of the three defense groups. They decided to spray Rin with the smell of old sweaty socks from the various sports clubs. Fortunely, Shia and Nerine used their methods to take out the brothers before Rin got the smell on him. Kaede swings her umbrella into the broken fence and gets stuck. She wanted to give Rin her lunch or notes but Nerine beats her to it. Rin ate too much during lunch and has a stomach ache. Kaede gives him some disgestives and goes out to get some water. Midoriba wanted to make Rin unhappy which the disgestive powder is spilled. Meanwhile, Kaede was walking back with the water and she felt a bit weak. Rin, Shia, and Nerine are waiting outside under the school's roof for the rain to wait up but the brothers tried to attack Rin again. Their efforts were useless as Shia and Nerine took them out again. Kaede begins to learn some new recipes from Asa. When she goes back home, she had no protection from the rain. Rin has the same dream from earlier today and notices that Primula was grinding some herbs. He goes to the kitchen and sees Kaede on the ground.

Kaede has a cold from overworking and the rain. Rin tries to make breakfast but he's not up to the task. Kaede wakes up and tries to cook in her current condition which she soon collaspes. Asa, Shia, and Nerine came over to the house to help out. Kaede tries to talk them out of helping but she is overruled. Nerine tries to cook with her limited skills but Asa decides to remove Nerine from cooking duty to cleaning. Nerine was vacuuming the living room when the vacuum is caught on the curtain. She thought she fixed the problem but ends up not able to fix it. Nerine tries to help Primula but she was silently rejected. Kaede is having a problem with the others helping out Rin since she's been the only one helping out Rin. Shia is impressed by Asa's cooking skills since she doesn't look like a person who would cook well. Then Shia gets depressed about the natto beans while Nerine is saddened by the octopus in the dumplings. Rin goes to Kaede's room to feed her and washed her back when another earthquake occurs. This earthquake causes the power to go out for a few seconds. Kaede was grasping Rin when the power came back on. Kaede asks Rin if she was bothersome and wants to take care of Rin. He tells her that she needs to lighten her work load which she agrees too. The next morning, Kaede was feeling all better from Primula's medicine but now Rin has a cold which Primula is making more medicine.

Kaede is a person who cares about others more than herself which even causes Rin to worry about her health. Her main worry is that she doesn't want to be cast aside by Rin from the other girls. She's a definite factor into the whole Rin relationship circle as she may try to sabotage the other girls' efforts on Rin. There's even a mysterious past event involving them which Rin can't remembered. The next episode will have the girls involve in pantsu shopping and might be a Primula episode.


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