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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shuffle 6

Kaede and Rin head off to school while Primula is left alone at home to her own devices. Along the way to school, Kaede, Rin, Shia, and Nerine talks about Primula's lack of emotion ever since she's been living at Kaede's house. Rin decides to help Primula to smile in some way. Primula was playing with her stuffed cat when some of the stuffing under the right arm appears which causes her to have a flashback when she first received the stuffed cat. Midoriba suggests that Rin should buy Primula a school swimsuit to make her happy but Rin doesn't like that idea. Primula shows up in Rin's classroom before she could ask Rin why she's here, Mayumi asks if the Tsuchimi's Lovers know her. Shia, Nerine, and Kaede all like the idea of the Lovers' group. Kaede and Rin explained Primula's situation to them. Primula came to the school to get her cat stitched back up. After the teacher came into the room, Rin made Primula go back home.

Rin was worried about Primula and decides to chase after her in the rain. He meets up with Primula under an yawning. He notices that Primula doesn't have a bra on. Rin and Kaede decide to go shopping for underwear on Sunday. On Sunday, Shia, Nerine, Asa, and Kahera go with Rin, Kaede, and Primula to shop for Primula's underwear. They get to the store to buy underwear for Primula but Shia, Asa, and Nerine decide to show off various lingerie to Rin. He decides to leave the store and head to the arcade. While at the arcade, he remembers the first time he met Primula and the thing she wanted to get from the crane game. Back at the lingerie store, they keep trying to find the right underwear for Primula but they have a conflict of opinions about it. Rin is trying to find a stuffed cat for Primula at various stores and eventually finds one. Kareha shows off Primula in some rather sexy lingerie which Kaede faints at the sight of. They finally bought some underwear for Primula and Rin gives Primula another stuffed cat which she smiles for the first time ever from it.

This episode gives a little insight into Primula along with a mysterious girl. Also, Asa and Kareha have some kinky tastes in lingerie especially Kareha. Overall, I'm about tired of the character-based episodes and move on to the main storyline which seems to be left alone since episode 2. The next episode will be an Asa episode with another male character will be introduced. Hopefully after episode seven, the series should move into the main storyline with the five girls fighting for Rin's affection.


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