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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Shuffle 7

Asa wakes up and there's a present on her desk. Asa's mom asks her to taste her soup which is a bit bland and improve it. She mentions the present that Asa got yesterday and asks if she got it from Rin which she said she didn't. Asa walks with Kareha and talked about summer plans. Kareha is planning to work as a waitress at a shop called Flora which have some short skirts. Asa brings up Rin which sparks some thoughts in Kareha. Near the school, they encountered a guy who Asa met yesterday. In class, she remembers the guy giving her the present on the roof yesterday. During lunch, Kareha talks to Asa about Takisawa who confessed to her yesterday. Asa doesn't have feelings for Takisawa but she accepted his present. After lunch, Asa and Kareha meet up with Mayumi, Rin, and Kaede and talked about Takisawa's confession to Asa. Mayumi tells Asa that many guys were secret admirers to her while Rin said that Asa seems to be popular. While dressing for gym, Kahera mentions to Asa that she and Rin would make a great couple. Takisawa managed to show off his soccer skills to Asa. While Asa was doing the high jump, she hurted her ankle while daydreaming about Rin.

Kahera tends to Asa's ankle while Rin and Kaede were concerned for her. Asa tried to stand on the ankle but couldn't. She even refuse Kahera's offer to use healing magic and wants Rin to go home with her. Takisawa comes into the infirmary and asks Asa if he could accompany her home but she said that Rin will do since he's been to her house and knows her mom. Asa told Rin that he didn't want Takisawa going home with her. At Asa's house, Rin looks at her room and notices the present along with the cute things she had. He questions why Asa hasn't answered to Takisawa's request. Primula asks Kaede where's Rin which she said that he's over at Asa's house. She mentions that Rin and Asa could some naughty things together but Kaede knows that he wouldn't. Rin decides to go to the bathroom but when he opens the door, he sees Asa using it. Eventhough the door was closed, the lock was broken and was going to be fix within a few days. After Rin closed the door, Asa let out a loud scream. Asa and Rin recollected the past as he used to come over when he was in junior high because Kaede was learning how to cook. Then Asa remembers the first time that she met Rin and Kaede during junior high cooking club which she thought Rin was going to join but didn't. Rin waited for Kaede everyday during cooking club. Rin asks why Asa doesn't like Takisawa which she said she doesn't feel right about it. She wants to enjoy her life and not worry about falling in love except when it comes to Rin. Asa tries to walk but she falls on Rin which causes to have an intense moment when Ama came home. The next day, Asa returned Takisawa's present and left him depressed. Asa wants things to stay the same for a little longer as she sees Rin being chased by the groups.

This was an Asa episode as it focused on her life for the entire episode except for one scene. She does love Rin eventhough she doesn't admitted in public. Overall, it managed to give more insight to Asa's life and thoughts but some people will hate it since Shia or Nerine didn't show up at all. The next episode continues the character focus with Shia as she goes on a date with Rin but I think it may actually move the plot.


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